Background Checks

Are you in favor of pre employment background check? Well, if you’re seeking for a job, you don’t have much choice but to abide by the policies of the company you are applying for.

It is important to know the background of a prospective employee. So if one has nothing to hide, then background check is not so much of a big deal. However, companies would usually do it in private unknown to the applicant.

How Do I Look?

I have always loved to experiment with different hairstyles. However, I am not too bold and gutsy in cutting my hair shorter. I would want to have my hair permed because I know too well I’d look good on it. However, cutting my hair short is not an option.

What I did then was to experiment with different hair styles via my phone’s application.

Go take a look:

Yours truly in different short hair styles

Now tell me honestly, do you like what you see? I don’t. LOL!

Quality Comes With a Price

I love to experiment on make ups. But there are times too when I feel really lazy to put on some. A simple face powder for me will always do. There are occasions though when it’s a must to put some make up. That’s where the airbrush makeup kits will come in handy. I was able to buy one kits a few months back but sadly, it was not of good quality. It’s hard to rely on cheap items like this because they don’t really last. Now I firmly believe that quality always comes with a price.

I Am for Certain!

I previously shared my ordeal with my friend Twerlyn with regards to having excessive underarm perspiration. It annoys me and gives me such a very uncomfortable feeling. If it’s of any consolation, I am not alone in worrying so much about body odor and the embarassment it could have caused me.

Before leaving for the United States, she gave me one of her greatest legacy, hehe!

Now I can combat excessive sweating! I don’t have to sweat all the way!

Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant has 72-hour protection from excessive sweating. I now feel more confident and I can wear anything I want. No more sweats!

Twerlyn is such a great soul. She will be providing me one year supply of Certain Dri! Wohohoho!

Isn’t that great???? She is truly an angel!

Good Quality Always Wins

My sister-in-law and I went shopping for baby’s items. I really enjoyed it while sharing some of my thoughts with her on what would make her baby look just swell.

Time has changed remarkably for babies. It is amazing just how much there is and how much improvements has been made to items manufactured for babies.

At this one stop Shop, there was even Nursing Bras on their shelf. She was so enamored by the quality of the item, she bought more than she needs.

The Kebaya Clothing Of Malaysia

Having recently visited Malaysia, I noticed that with the rich multi-racial composition there, and had it been a longer vacation there, I would be able to see and to discover a lot more about Malaysia women’s fashion wear.Although Western fashion has influenced most of the younger generation, there were still strong manifestations of the cultural fashion with Malaysian women.

Take the Kebaya for example. It is also called the Baju Kurung in the Malay language. This is an exquisite design with great emphasis on the slim midriff. When worn it accentuates the female body contour and in a most graceful manner.

I can’t imagine how I would look dressed in a Kebaya. Gosh! I would have to shed quite a lot to look good and to fit in one of those body hugging Kebayas.

The dress uniform for the stewardesses in the Malaysian national airline carrier is the Kebaya. It must be physically tiring for their stewardess to wear the Kebaya particularly when flying on long hauls.

As I understood it, the Kebaya is mostly worn by the Malays and the Nonyas (a race from intermarriage between the Malays and the Chinese). It has a long history that dates back to the ancient Majapahit Empire in Indonesia and the rise of Islam in the region. The name itself “Kebaya” has its etymology from the Arabic “abaya” which means clothing.

What Band Boys Rave About

There was an interesting discussion that happened at home. Talk about dueling banjos and it brought about a lively exchange amongst my brothers and their friends about cordoba guitars musicians friend

Having been musicians all their life after completing High School, they knew a lot about music instruments, especially guitars.

My house has quite a collection of guitars amongst other music instruments that my brothers have collected over the years. It amazes me just how many different types there is just for guitars alone.

Out of the Circulation

I have been pretty preoccupied the past few weeks. I can’t say I have been enjoying it but there’s some things that I really had to accomplish. It was not easy to accomplish tasks from pillar to post after the death of my Aunt but I simply had no choice.

I wish to fully come back blogging away my thoughts yet again. For now, I am intensely restrained from doing so. Please bear with me.

My First Disco Experience

I have never been inside a Discotheque and I often wondered what it is that attracts so many young couples and groups to the Discotheque almost every weekend.

Friday and Saturday nights were the rage amongst most of my friends who would preplan their weekend get-togethers. That was during the period when blockbuster movies such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Dirty Dancing made Disco dancing so popular.

It is more than a decade later that I had an opportunity to sit inside a Discotheque. The place was packed with young people. I was aloft on the first floor where I could peer down to watch the dancers below on the dance floor.

The Deejay was superb as he spun the best music beats while the dancers bobbed up and down and from side to side, keeping their body motions in tandem with the music as well as the elation opti rgb that illumined the darkness of the dance floor.

Even I felt the thrill of what others were doing and it made me clap my hands and stomp my feet, trying as best as I could to share in the Disco fun beats.

My Closet

I am such a hoarder of clothes and apparels. Sometimes it’s just too impractical coz I don’t get to use these stuff often.

I am also having problems sorting them out even when I got a very spacious closet. Back at my Mom’s house, I have faced the same ordeal.

My Closet

The only solution I have thought of to get rid of unwanted clothes was my online closet. Somehow, I’ve created some space for my new purchases 😉