How To Dress Up for Work

Windy was once a high ranking top executive in a multi-million company. He uses briefcases for men when going to work. I can imagine how he looks like in his executive get up. I am sure he exudes that authority that deserves respect from his subordinates and to anyone that he has worked with.

I am no executive. I am just an ordinary rank-and-file employee. However, working for the government does not mean you need to dress your best. Like in our line of work, we go to the field and communities more often. It’s not really necessary for us to dress up whenever we are out of the office.

I am normally seen in my jeans and simple tops when I am in the office. It’s because we don’t really have a good office. I believe dressing up for working would boil down to what environment one reports to day in and day out.

Wise Buyer but Impulsive at the Same Time

My passion for fashion has began when I earned a living. Having my own money only means that I can buy anything that I want without anyone having to question my purchase.

I can say I am a wise buyer but being an impulsive buyer is my downside, LOL! I am a wise buyer in the sense that if I can get a branded item for a cheaper price, I’d rather go for preloved clothings. But it will all depend on who the seller is. I am lucky because I personally know the sellers for preloved items and quality of these items for sale are guaranteed.

On the other hand, I am an impulsive buyer because I don’t think twice in the purchase of items. Even when it’s a clear hoarding, I’d still do it on impulse only to realize later that it’s not really an important purchase.

Thinking About Learning A New Hobby

A colleague of mine makes nice accessories. I actually bought some of her nice bracelets and earrings. It’s a hobby that for her “has eventually evolved into a craft, not a crap”, according to my friend. 😀

I haven’t seen those accessories she made that looked like “crap” though. But I really love the ones she made recently. They look like pandora charms but she said she still have a lot of learning to do make her accessories look even better. I’ve been telling her to sell some of them online but she said she didn’t have the time to do it anymore. Instead, she sell her charms to her friends.

I’m thinking about learning how to create the accessories myself. I wanted to have a new hobby especially when I’m back in the province. It’s not a bad idea, is it? :)



Casually Looking Good

An everyday outfit can be just as stylish as a suit, even if it’s worn for casual occasions.  The secret towards achieving a pleasant appearance is creating equilibrium between the fabrics, colors and textures of the clothing items. Luxury men’s wear doesn’t refer to suits only it also consists of items such as jackets, T-shirts, shirts and casual trousers.

To begin with, when putting an outfit together there are a series of aspects which have to be taken into consideration.  There should be no more than 3 colors included in the overall appearance.  When this number of colors is exceeded the amount of visual information provided becomes disturbing and unappealing to the eye.  Textures and patterns can also be tricky to mix and match. Therefore, keeping it simple is the best way to go.  For example, if one decides to wear a checked shirt which has red, green and blue stripes then the rest of the outfit needs to be composed around these three colors.

One of the available options could be a pair of cotton trousers. The color is excellent and matches the touch of red present in the shirt.  Furthermore, the contrast created between red and green is pleasant.  The overall aspect is balanced without being dull or exaggerated.  The tailoring of the trousers situates them at the borderline between smart and casual enabling them to be worn in both occasions.  Even if this clothing item seems to be difficult to match, when paired up with the right shirt will look stylish.

Sometimes, weather conditions and temperatures may determine us to opt for a blazer or a jacket in order to complete an outfit. These items are so varied that it is almost impossible not to find the best solution with regards to shape, color and pattern.

A winning combination created along with the checked shirt and cotton trousers would be achieved by adding a navy cashmere jacket to the mix.  It matches the blue lines in the shirt and creates an exquisite contrast with the pair of trousers.  In addition, the checked pattern is consistent trough the entire outfit.

The final outcome is balanced when it comes to color palettes and the overall aspect is successful. An effective outfit can easily be put together if the clothing items blend in and complete each other.