Summer 2012 Woes

Summer is almost over here in Metro Manila. I can now feel it! đŸ˜€ There has been constant rain shower and it’s not too hot anymore.

I just realized I haven’t really had much fun this summer season. There were planned trips which were postponed, some are cancelled and there are also some that I did not choose to involve in. Just like the summer swimming that my boyfriend and friends went to. I chose to work because I wanted to take advantage of the holiday pays. And there was also our company outing yesterday that I haven’t attended because I got sick. Sigh. I didn’t even had a sun tan and summer is almost over. I can use spray tanning but I really don’t want to fake my tan. đŸ˜€

Well too late for my summer woes.  Better luck next year! đŸ˜€


A Metro Manila Commuter’s Tale

I’m one of those everyday commuters here in Metro Manila. I ride a public transportation bus to go to work and the Metro Rail Transit for my ride home after work.

If I’m almost late for work, I’d prefer riding an ordinary bus which is not air-conditioned and races with all the other buses along the way. đŸ˜€ It doesn’t matter if I get to inhale the air pollution on my way to work because of other transport vehicles not installing a performance replacement air filter, I wouldn’t mind at all as long as I get to the office on time. Its very seldom that I get the chance to enjoy the comforts of being in an air-conditioned bus. Well that’s because I do a lot of things either at home or at church before I go to work. đŸ˜€

When work is done, I take my time walking from the office building to the MRT station. Most of the time it’s crowded since normal people (who work during the day) don’t want to be late for work or school. But I don’t mind riding on the train because it will take me home in 15 minutes. I won’t be stuck in an early morning traffic along the busy street of EDSA on a bus. I don’t mind if other passengers in the train unintentionally step on my foot. As long as I hear them say they’re sorry, I’d be fine. LOL!

Well, this is one life of a daily commuter here in Manila. I envy those who live in the province because they won’t have to endure whatever it is that I go through whenever I travel to and from work everyday. But this is how it is. I really can’t complain because this is the kind of life I chose. :)