Time For Friends

I haven’t gone out with some of my close friends for a long time now. I’m not just making up excuses when I tell them I’m busy. I really am.

My friend, Lowela, who used to be my colleague and room mate has been asking me to meet up with her. I really just didn’t have the time. She’s pregnant right now and is excited about her first baby. We haven’t seen each other after she moved to a different city here in Manila with her boyfriend. She invited me for her baby shower and she don’t want anymore excuses. I don’t want to make a pregnant woman get mad at me, anyway. And I also miss this friend of mine. I still don’t have any idea on what to bring on the party. The baby isn’t born yet so I won’t be thinking about gift ideas for a baby’s baptism. Maybe I’ll buy her some infant stuffs? She will be expecting her baby very soon anyway.

There are plenty of invitations of friends that I have declined for the past months. I feel bad not being able to spend time with them. I just hope I’d be able to manage my time well so that I’d get the chance to bond with old friends of mine.


Sunblock Cream For The Summer

The temperature yesterday here in Metro Manila is an excruciating 37 degrees Celsius! It was a very warm day. And I have to be on the streets to run some errands with my boyfriend. Sigh.

I’m expecting the same temperature today. And I still have a lot of things to accomplish which include being on the streets again and endure the pain of the summer heat. I just got to make sure to bring along with me my ever reliable MD Therapy lightening sunblock facial cream to make sure my face won’t get burned whenever I’m out.

Too bad I’m running out of this sunblock cream. I don’t want to go back to the dermatologist who sold me this product because I don’t trust the price he gave me. I hope I’d find the product somewhere where I can purchase it at a much better price.

What about you? What are your preferred sunblock cream for the summer?


Lainy And The Hats

Lainy loves accessories. As I was browsing through her pictures in Facebook, I realize she loves wearing hats outdoor! Not only does those hat protect her from the harsh sun but they make her ever more prettier especially since the hats match her outfit and personality! :) I won’t be surprised if she also have one of those OR hats in her closet which is already filled with clothes and accessories!

The last picture is my favorite! What do y’all think? 😀


Expectations And Homecoming

Lainy and his brother, Jayson and his family already moved out of their Mom’s house months ago. Whenever I come home, her Mom’s house is always my first stop because I know all of them are there and I can get to spend time with them in just one place.

It won’t be the same anymore when I come home next month. I think I have to go straight to my mother’s house and just pay my cousins a visit at their place. I wonder how Lainy’s pad look like? Does it have a patio with ceiling fans outdoor so where we can chat with cups of coffee in our hands? 😀 I’m just excited about seeing all of them.

There’s always going to be no place like home.


She Used To Be A Gospel Singer… :)

Katy Perry is not only known for her distinct voice but also have become even more popular when she was able to make herself unique from the other popular musicians. For me, although her songs are not really wholesome, her identity and persona on stage make her one. She’s loved by everyone especially those young girls who was inspired by her story. Did you all know that she used to be a gospel singer? 😀

I like the way she looked on stage on this picture with her guitars. I just don’t know if she used Hao distortion pedals on any of her performances. She just look so sexy and fabulous in all of her colorful and Kikay outfits. 😀

Hah! This one is really cute! :)

Keep rockin’ Katy! 😀


Trying To Keep My Cool This Summer!

It is too hot lately. It is indeed summer time! Too bad for me because my pad doesn’t have an air-condition unit. I just content myself with how little coolness my electric fan can give me. Or else I will have to go to the malls and spend some money just to stay cool. I don’t want to do that today, anyway.

Sometimes I’m thinking about going up North in Baguio City. Just to experience a colder weather. One of my colleagues actually invited me for a mountain trekking. It was unscheduled so I declined the invitation. I wonder if they’re going to use gloves like that of CozyWinters.com battery heated gloves. I doubt though. They won’t be climbing Mt. Everest, anyway. 😀

I always drink iced cold water lately and sometimes crave for halo-halo and ice cream. Darn this heat. I just wanted to bathe twice or thrice a day just to keep my cool!


An Early Birthday Gift From Lainy

I’m turning 29 years-old soon. Geez! I’m getting older! It’s not something I can prevent from happening, unfortunately. LOL!

I’m happy to say I got an early birthday gift from Lainy! Thank you so much dear cuz! 😀 It’s a cash gift. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with it. Maybe I’d buy myself a nice dress that I can wear on my natal day. A great idea, isn’t it? I’m so happy!

I wonder what other gifts I’ll be receiving on my birthday. I told my boyfriend that I’m not that hard to please but I wish he will give me a bouquet of flowers with nice floral arrangements. It’s not too much to ask, right? Besides, I haven’t received flowers from him since he became my boyfriend. :( He’s not a typical romantic, that’s why

For now, I am going to enjoy Lainy’s gift! I won’t be expecting for anything more for now because I don’t want to get disappointed. :) Thanks very much, again, Lainy! Love you much! Mwah!


My Mom And The Settlement

I have written about our piece of land, a little farm land, some weeks ago. It being fought for by my Mother on the local court in the province. My cousin who came here to visit told me some news about it. That my Mom still kept fighting for it at her own expense. Just so our tenant won’t be able to own the land. I wish my Mom would just win the case and that she won’t to do structured settlement payments. She will really get depressed if that happens.

Like what I said in the previous post, although we don’t visit the farm that much, it has a lot of great memories of my Dad. And my Mother will never give up her pieces of lands that easy.