Some Beach Outfits And Fun Getaways

It’s summer and I still don’t have plans of going to the beach yet. Summer is supposed to be the best time to be at the beach and have fun. Sigh.

Anyway, I don’t want to be bitter on this post. I just want to show off some pictures I had on during some summer getaways on my swim wears. LOL!

A younger my at the beautiful Boracay beach in 2007
Just having fun ang being funky at a beach in Cavite in 2011

With friend Raquel and cousin Michelle at the awesome Palawan last year

Too bad I can’t wear swimsuits this time of the year because of my bulging belly. I still have to work out before I’d be able to wear swim suits again. :)


I’ll Be A Credit Card Holder Soon

I’m proud to say that I’m not a credit card holder. Not because I can’t be entitled to be one but because I chose to be debt-free. I don’t like owing anyone some amount of money especially the banks. I don’t want to be paying for interests and fees. I just want to live a life that is within my budget. That is what my Father taught me when he was still alive. :)

I know a lot of people who have credit cards and undergo financial crisis for overspending. Maybe because they rely too much on their credit cards. If they like to buy something, it’s too easy for them to swipe their cards and buy whatever they wanted. The worst is, some of them end up broke.

It’s not bad to own credit cards as long as we know how to use them wisely. Going to proffesionals for financial advise to have debt relief is not a bad idea either. In that way, we would learn to use the credit cards in the right manner.

In line with this, I’m actually thinking about applying for a credit card soon. I realize I needed one for my online transactions especially for purchasing plane tickets. It’s so hard to take advantage of promos online for my plane tickets. I have always been asking friends and relatives to book flights for me. It’s about time that I book those plane tickets myself. I’ll be a credit card holder soon.


Untimely Death For Another Legend

Karl Roy’s death is much talked about lately. He is a legendary singer/songwriter here in the Philippines. His untimely death is much talked about maybe because he died at an age of 43 due to cardiac arrest. Too young to die. He still got a lot of music to create and a lot of songs to sing.

I am not a fan of Karl Roy. And honestly, I don’t really know him. I listened to some of his songs in YouTube and found out he did write great music. Not all of the songs were the loud rock songs that I envisioned him to be singing. Some are just slow and relaxing type of music. If only looking at his pictures, I can easily judge him or stereotype him as one of those other musicians who deal with drugs and alcohol. And as I was reading more articles about him, I think he’s a good guy just covered with tattoo.

Untimely death is really devastating especially if it happens to somebody that we think are good people. I wonder if Karl Roy ever purchased a life insurance and told friends about it. Because if not, they might as well check this out now so that those loved ones of theirs won’t suffer that much after an untimely death like that of Karl Roys’.

Watching photos of those who visited his funeral (most of them are hit makers here in the Philippines), they seem to be good friends of his. Although I have read some articles about him. I still wonder how Karl Roy ever lived his life. I think I better read some more articles about him.


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Glee Women In Black Dresses

GLEE is one of my favorite TV shows but I haven’t watched an episode of the latest season. I don’t know what time they air on cable anymore and if ever I knew what the time slot is, I still won’t be able to watch it because I’m busy.

I recently found about this music video of the stunning women of GLEE in black dresses. I LURVE it!!! I want to have Santana’s dress!

I always love Santana’s voice. The choreography and the music arrangement is great! I miss GLEE all the more…

The Hammock

My boyfriend told me that he wanted a hammock at their yard. He’s father already cleaned up the yard and my kiddo promised his Dad to put a hammock right there where they all can sit at and relax on.

I was browsing the internet for a nice looking hammock and came across a hammock stand at It’s a nice idea because with the stand, you won’t need a pair of tree where you have to strap the ends of the hammock. You can even bring it along on your vacation trip! It basically look like this:

Isn’t it nice? :) I better tell him about this!


Fast-food Vs. Home-cooked Meal

I’ve been living on my own since college. Although I still ask my Mom for my allowances and she also cover most of my school tuition back then, I was already independent in the sense that I take care of myself all by myself. LOL! I bet you know what I mean.

When it comes to my meals, I cook when I’m not busy. Well that’s pretty much during the weekends. Most of the time, I eat at or order from fast-food chains and restaurants. I know it isn’t a healthy lifestyle but it makes my life easier especially if some restaurants or the fast food chain have Restaurant System which help them do their jobs quicker. I won’t have to spend a lot of my time to prepare for my meal especially that I’m always in a hurry because I’m a busy person.

But then, I’d still prefer home-cooked meals because I know that I won’t be eating food with too much cholesterol or food additives. If only I have the time to do all that. I think I can, though. Time management is all that I need so that I can prepare a healthy meal for myself!


In Gaining Weight

Food has been irresistible lately. LOL! I have something to blame for my  weight.

In gaining weight, I incur a bulging tummy, widening hips, my arms and legs becoming bigger. Sigh. I just don’t have time to go to the gym that’s why.

My biggest problem in gaining weight is that my small sized dresses won’t fit anymore! And I hate it! Why can’t I just eat whatever I want and remain skinny? 😀 What a dilemma. I just miss being slim, I guess. Gotta do something about it soon!

I miss this.

Just this morning, I asked my boyfriend if he’d still love me even if I grow really fat. He said, “Syempre naman (Of course I will)!!”. It’s sweet but how come I don’t believe him??? 😀