Dressing Up for the Occasion

How can you be sure that you are not over or under dressed for an event? A common mistake done by most women is due to poor wardrobe planning. If you’ve been invited to an event or a formal dinner, it is only necessary to think about the right outfit depending on the occasion. Take time to look at the invitation and consider the dress code. There are some gatherings that require strict compliance with the dress code and as a guest, you should follow this too.

Now it might be quite a challenge especially for the working women who can barely fit in shopping to their busy schedule. So take the first step and determine which type of dress is right for the occasion. Here are some tips that can help you in wardrobe planning:

  1. Choose a dress that will complement your body. Sure that stunning red dress looks good in the display and while you are dying to get your hands on it, take a step back and see if it is something that is right for your figure. If you’re out shopping, try at least three or four different outfits and choose a party dress that is will highlight your body’s assets and cover those little problem areas.
  2. Go for the right color. Do you want to be stand out? Then bright shades that speak of fun are the perfect choice. The color red is always a representation of class and elegance with a little hint of sexiness. A lot of women prefer this shade especially for evening events. But let’s not forget the ever reliable LBD or little black dress, a must-have staple on every woman’s closet. It can save you from a lot of fashion problems especially for last minute party invite.
  3. Budget is also one thing to consider. Not everyone is willing to spend a lot on a dress that they’ll wear just once or twice. Find a dress that is appealing yet right on the budget.

The internet is the best place to look for affordable and stylish party dresses. With a little research, you’ll find a wide range of styles and designs to choose from.

Sabrina is a freelance content writer who loves fashion and shopping. She is currently working for festkjoler which aims to provide readers with information about party dresses.

A First Born’s Fate

Our cousin, Michelle, had a miscarriage on Monday evening of this week. She lost her baby. We were all saddened by the news.

I visited her at the hospital the other day. We embraced as soon as I got in her room. Poor thing. It was hard for her and her husband, Jon. But it’s something that they have to accept.

I stayed there for few more hours. I realize I missed talking to Michelle. We managed not to talk about the baby that much. I was even hoping there was an internet access in the hospital so that we can have a just so her family and all our relatives back in the province would be able to somehow talk to her and see that she’s okay.

There was nothing they can do about the baby. I think the couple have already accepted their first baby’s fate. They just have to be careful the next time my cousin will get pregnant again.

Work And My Stress Reliever

Work has been tedious these past 2 weeks. One of my colleagues resigned. Her position wasn’t filled yet. That means all of us have additional work loads.

I do a lot of tasks these past few days. And whenever we finished a sale or a task, we save it on our tool that is like a Salesforce reporting from InetSoft just so we know which cases are needed follow up and which ones are closed. And I forgot to do that on some of my tasks sometimes. I’m getting a bit stressed out because I’m still trying to manage my additional workload. I may be able to handle it better next week.

I’m actually on vacation leave today but apparently I’m sick. The sickness may have to do with the weather and maybe I’m getting stressed out at work. I’m just glad I have 1 additional off this week. A good full body massage last night made me feel better now. Other than that, spending time with Kido and his family is also a stress reliever for me. :)

RIP Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, the most awarded female act of all time, was found dead at a Beverly Hills hotel. I just heard about the news today. The cause of her death wasn’t disclosed yet. But I think it has to do with drugs. What else do you all think? She has been struggling with personal issues and drugs these past few years. Too bad her fame and fortune was not able to help her with her personal struggles.

Despite the negative publicity, I still feel bad hearing about her death. I wasn’t really a fan but Whitney had mad a great contribution to the music industry. I love listening to all of her songs.

Well, I think that’s how life goes. It’s just sad that her life ended without being able to recover from her addiction.

May you rest in peace, Whitney Houston. You will always be remembered.

My Mom And The Valuable Gifts

I really wasn’t fond of jewelries when I was kid. My Mom used to scold me whenever I lost the accessories she bought for me. She usually buys gold plated accessories.

I liked wearing them at first but if I get annoyed with them during play time, I remove and place them somewhere I can’t remember. 😀 When my Mom searched for the necklace, ring or watch, I play deaf sometimes or make a lot of excuses until I ran out of stories to tell her about the whereabouts of the jewelries that are no longer in my possession. I remember the last thing I lost which was kind of memorable to her, was a gold watch that was a token for her 30 years of service in the company she used to work for. She got so angry and promised to not give me anything that’s very valuable. She kept that promise until now. LOL! I didn’t receive any gifts from her at all after that watch.

Hey! What a realization! LOL! But it’s alright with me. My Mom’s effort into raising all three of us by herself is the best gift that she has ever given not only to me but also to my two brothers. I can buy those material things, whether an expensive watch or a pandora jewelry,  if I really wanted to now that I’m a grown-up. And whenever I have enough money, I make sure to somehow give back to my Mom in my own little sweet ways. :)

America’s Next Top Model And Cable TV Complaint

I haven’t watched America’s Top Model for a while now. I realize it’s been months since the last time I was able to watch an episode of my favorite TV show. I wonder what Tyra and her crew have for the gorgeous ladies who fight for the title. If they have them hang on helicopters with clevis pins and at the same time make their best poses for the camera? It’s scary for the models and sometimes, whenever they were asked to do a difficult task, they sometimes end up humiliated but then the experience made them stronger.  There were many challenges that they have to face but only one has to be America’s Next Top Model.

Too bad my cable TV isn’t working that good this past few months. I’ve been having difficulty watching some of my favorite channels and tried to tell my landlady about my TV but my proddings fell on deaf ears.. She didn’t do anything about fixing the cable and for me to stop my constant prodding, she doesn’t include the P100 charge for cable TV on top of my rent anymore.

All of a sudden I miss my fave TV show. What about asking my landlady once again to do something about my cable TV? I hope she’ll have it fixed this time around.