Ally Taking Over The Certified Fashionable Chic

Yep! You read it right! I’m Ally, Lainy’s cousin. What you read on the title is not a permanent thing. Lainy is taking a break from blogging and she asked me to take over her blogs for the mean time. Don’t you all worry. She’s fine. We all needed a break sometime in our lives, don’t you all think?

The thought of taking over The Certified Fashionable Chic made me feel excited. I know about fashion but not exactly a certified fashionista like my chic cousin, Lainy. I just know the don’ts and do’s of fashion. What to wear and what’s not to wear for a certain occasion or for just an ordinary day.

America’s Top Model is one of my favorite reality shows and it’s where I get a lot of idea about fashion. Just like all the women out there, I love shopping for dresses and shoes as long as they fit my budget. :)

I’ll try my best to be able to write articles that will live up to the expectation of this blog. In my own simple ways, I guess. We’re yet to find out! So stick around folks! :)

Searching For A New Pad

I live in Pasay for years already. I have rented quite a very simple pad. I did not even care to paint or make renovations out of that room because I wasn’t planning on staying there for long. And now I actually have been living there for three long years now. 😀

I am planning to move out. I just don’t know when that is going to happen. I’ve been looking around for a better apartment. Irene and I agreed to be housemates as soon as we can find a better pad. If I’d be lucky to be able to find a 2-storey apartment with nice basement flooring, I’d be very pleased. It would be very exciting for me and Irene to make the place as cozy as possible. :)

Well, wish us luck in finding a better place to live! :)


Make Us, Girls, Happy On V-Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I’m pretty sure couples are now beginning to plan for a nice present to give to their beloved. Some men may even have already made reservations for a romantic dinner date with their ladies.

This is also the time that flower shops earn a lot of money. But if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t want to get stuck during Valentine’s day just to get your girl a bunch of beautiful flowers, it would be easier to order online and get the best deals from ProFlowers as early as possible. You can even take advantage of the discounted rates as soon as you log on to your facebook and click on the deals that they have in store for you. They got free weekday delivery and a free glass vase if you get lucky.

Setting up a romantic date for your loved ones and a bunch of flowers are definitely two of the best things to help reignite romance especially on heart’s day.

To all the men out there, I hope this post will somehow give you an idea on how to keep us girls happy on V-Day. :)

The Pink Bean Bag

When I lived solo, one of the essential purchases I did for my pad was the bean bag. It’s very handy and it can be used outdoors, too.

I love to sit on my bean bag everytime I watch TV. I feel so relaxed and well-rested.

However, I got very disappointed  coz  when I moved in here in my new pad, I noticed that it has gotten flatter. The SIL told me that it has been like that after a fat visitor sat on it, LOL!

Good thing I was able to take a capture of that bean bag with yours truly sitting on it 😉

The pink bean bag with me sitting on it

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Headware: Wear It How You Want It!

One of my purchases before my Zambo trip was a headware from Bratpack. As the label says, “Keeps Your Head Happy!”

My headware

I was convinced to buy one because it can be used in a number of ways. I can opt to look like a pirate or I can simply use it as a hairband, dust mask, helmet liner or a beanie. It’s breathable, versatile, seamless, tubular, cool, elastic and UV guarded.

All set to leave Dapitan City
Off the Ozamis City Port

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