There Is No End To Learning

Ever since I began blogging, I have been introduced to the marvels of the Information Age. The amount to be learned appears bottomless with the various facets of Digital and Computer Technology.

A few of my friends who matriculated with tertiary I.T Degrees are now earning their keeps with Database Designer Jobs in my country and abroad. I also have a few friends who run their own business in this field.

There are times when I seek help with my Blogs from these computer wizards and I am amazed by their skill and knowledge. In most cases, I am lost when they talk profusely in their computer lingo.

My Travel “Buddy”

Over the past few years, I have done a good bit of travel, both in my beloved motherland as well as across her shores. Besides my luggage and handbag, one indispensable item is my mineral water bottle. Experience has taught me how invaluable is that quart of mineral water that one can easily buy at any convenient Store.

While on one of my journeys I spotted an elderly man drinking water from his leather flask. I overheard him explaining to the guy seated beside him that drinking water stored in a leather flask was cooler. That grabbed my interest and I started looking out for shops that sell it.

I found it being sold together with many other interesting items that would make perfect gifts as well.

My Purchases for the Zamboanga Trip

Before I went out of town, I purchased quite a few items solely for the purpose of this trip. I took this opportunity to buy a few things only for myself. If not for this trip, I won’t even spend a single dime, LOL!

However, we were very lucky that the Boss did not require us to contribute any amount of money unlike the other contingents where they have to let out Php5000.00 or more coming from their own pockets for their food, accommodation and transportation. Without any personal contribution, I followed my whims and splurged on some items that I need for the trip.

Girly girl purchases

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My Recent Shoe Acquisition

My recent shoe acquisition is definitely not MSR lightning ascent snowshoes. I live in a tropical country and so I don’t see the need for the purchase. Every winter time though in the North, my friends were going gaga with the purchase of their winter apparels.

Men may not understand why women would love to buy new shoes every now and then. I believe it is part of being a woman, hehehe.

Well, I find it chic and fab to acquire quite a few styles which will fit not only one but various occasions.

Here’s the new So Fab footwear:

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Regret Came Too Late

Had I learned the availability of 2012 onestopplus coupons, I would not have done my shopping at the mall. I have spent quite a hefty amount purchasing a few needed items for my recently concluded travel. Too bad I only learned about this after I have done my shopping spree.

Well, next time, I shall bear in mind about the coupons and I will make sure that I get to avail of that for myself.

My New Watches

Did I mention that I love to hoard watches?

My recent acquisition was a Lobor watch. I was so happy to have acquired it from an auction sale :-) I was looking for a titanium watch but I have found Lobor instead. I still will be in the look out for a couple of watches.

I have also bought a few fashion watches. These are only two of these watches:

Photo grabbed: Knitted wristwatch
Photo grabbed

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Skin Food Lipstick In My Purse

I can’t do without lipstick in my purse. Just recently, I was encouraged to purchase Skin Food Lipstick by the same seller of my Skin Food BB Cream (I shall do a separate post on that).

Skin Food Lipstick

Pardon the blurry capture from my phone camera, LOL! Let me try a better angle:

The luscious pink lipstick worth PhP 450.00

I find my lips way fuller eveytime I try it on.

The Skin Food Lipstick accentuated by Mary Kay lip liner and lip gloss

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Appareils Photo Numériques

If there is one thing I would love to acquire this holiday season it would be a cool new appareils photo numériques. DSLR is one gadget I would so love to purchase. I am a certified cam whore but apart from that, I would so love to learn the tricks in photography. I envy some people who can take wonderful shots from their very own shutters. I wish I could do that too when I own my very own DSLR.