Eyelashes Extension: The Good Side and the Bad

Out of curiosity, I tried out plastering extensions on my eyelashes a few months back when after playing my nightly badminton sessions, a couple of pamphlets were distributed to announce the opening of Lash in the City.

I had second thoughts at first but some co-workers went with me so I had the procedure. I chose Cover Girl Cabaret which was way fuller and longer than Lady Posh.

After an hour of plastering session, I felt different! It was as though I was born to have it, LOL! And oh yes! I felt  good and beautiful! Mind you! I then had thicker lashes which drew onlookers’ attention. That’s the good side 😉

However, I felt a little uncomfortable because I have been wearing contact lenses for 13 years and the eyes felt a little itchy. I couldn’t touch it or else, it may deteriorate the integrity of the eyelash adhesive. The maintenance fee is also a little pricey which would require another session at the lounge.

What added to my discomfort was that every morning I can’t touch my eyes and remove the mucous surrounding my eyelashes for the fear that it might fall off, LOL! And most of all, there is a tendency that the original eyelashes  will grow out as the artificial one is attached to the real one.

But I don’t have to worry about that now coz I can have eyelash growth technology. It will make my eyelashes go back to its original form. So cool isn’t it? :-) I may go back there again one day for another plastering session 😉

The Most Fashionable Dress I Had From Way Back

Ok. So let me feature here something fashionable from way back.

10 years old

You may wonder what I was doing there, LOL! Well, it was October of 1989 when I was one of the four that’s chosen in our class to represent Grade 4 for the Search for Miss United Nations. My teacher was kind of hesitant at first for choosing me because I was a shy, timid girl.

However, this shy and timid girl made it to 3rd place, hahaha! There were about 20+ little misses who fought for the crown, LOL!

There were various categories in that contest wherein candidates had to show off their Hawaiian costumes, swimwears, talents and their casual wears.

In the photo above, I was wearing my casual wear. It’s a new dress which my Mom bought for me purposely for the contest. She also had my Hawaiian attire custom made by a dress maker.

After the contest, the casual dress became my favorite at church. I always would love to wear it everytime I attend the children’s Worship Service. I even had a hard time letting go of it until such time I got bigger and I could not anymore wear it and so I had no choice but to hand it down to my cousins.

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The New Penshoppe Doll Shoes

I’ve made a few purchases a few days before my 25th birthday. One of them was the Penshoppe pink doll shoes which I got on a marked down price :-)

You see, I am an impulsive buyer but most times, I acquire most of the items on sale.

I love pink!

I so love doll shoes. I feel comfortable whenever I wear them anywhere. I am beginning to loathe wearing wedges. Yesterday, I wore one at work. It so happened that I went out looking around for a gift for a debutante who’s going to have a Halloween themed party today. I was dragging my feet to walk around because it felt so sore and I just can’t stand it. I almost bought another pair of flat sandals but I can’t find one to my liking.


I was dead beat when I reached home! Good thing I found a good gift for the debutante, if it’s any consolation at all :-)

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In The Look Out For a New Pad

I have been feeling a wee bit down the past couple of days. I have been rather busy looking around for a good one-storey pad.

Yes! You heard me right! I am in the look out for a new apartment. Don’t get me wrong, folks. I am loving my independence now. But the hassle of climbing up and down the 10-step staircase makes me lose all my energy and strength. I feel like I need to have some spiritual powder to lift my spirits up.

You see, after a long day’s hard work, I want to just relax and get a good rest after I reach home. That has not been the case in my present pad. Though my health had improved hugely here because I get no more asthma attacks every night, the hassle of climbing up and down the stairs and its not-so-strategic location has been a real pain in the neck.

To remedy the situation, I even browsed at Herbal City LLC to get some energy boosters whenever I feel dead beat.

I’ve found quite a few pads  to my liking. One was way too expensive. It is fully furnished and I have been imagining myself just rolling in bed the entire day because the place is too cozy you wouldn’t want to leave and go to work, LOL! The others were quite nice but I still had to consider the ventilation and it’s impact on my health. I have found a good one today. It’s furnished with TV, aircon and a few home appliances with only half the price of the cozy pad I’ve mentioned earlier. Too bad there’s no vacancy as of this time.


I am still on the hunt before my contract in my present pad expires. I hope to find a real good one very soon.

Wish me luck, folks!

The Advent of Technology

I get amazed everytime I go to the mall and buy a few basic essentials. The innovations in technology especially the scanner software makes it a lot easier to shop and makes queuing at the counters hassle free.

It was not like that a few years back. I remember I would often get pissed off by cashiers whenever it’s taking them so long to cater to each person on queue. These cashiers would often put the blame on their software. Good thing those days are now gone.

Thanks to the advent of technology for making our lives easier and better. Now I often look forward for more shopping sprees, LOL!

The Pad That Is For Me

I presently live in a 6-door apartment that is very much secured not too far from the heart of the city. When a friend and I found this apartment, we did not have any second thoughts in signing the contract of lease. The contract is binding for 6 months.

It was actually my friend who convinced me not to look for other apartments. She said it’s very nice and is good for a single lady like me, hehehe. The compound even got a braided hose in case there is fire and some tenants use it for washing up their cars.

My pad

Halloween Themed Debut Party

It is that time of the year again when people go home to their respective provinces to be with their families. It’s a long weekend here in the Philippines in honor of our departed lovedones. The government is actually on heightened alert and even warned people to be more cautious. Apart from that, curt hitches were in placed everywhere.

Generally, Halloween in the Philippines is all about going to the cemetery with their families giving honor and tribute to the dead. I have noticed that Halloween these days have been hugely influenced by the U.S. Now I can see a lot of Halloween parties being organized here and there. In fact, I have been invited to one in the next few days :-)

I don’t celebrate Halloween but since it’s a birthday party which is Halloween themed, I am definitely going. Have I mentioned I am one of the picked treasures? :-)

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day. I shall be going around looking for a nice gift for the debutante. Hmmm. I still have no idea what to buy. A huge pumpkin perhaps? LOL!