Hooked on Massage Therapy

I am seriously considering getting a Message Therapist Jobs. Everytime I hire a masseur for home service, I can’t help but ask how she learned the therapy job. I find it rather exciting to be able to give relaxation and treatment to clients with this kind of job.

Yours truly is so hooked on massage. I do it twice a month. I feel relieved each time I feel the body sores gone and replaced by the soothing and calming effect of the massage.

What about you? Do you get some massage therapy sessions? Do you have your fave masseur?

I Miss Traveling

To say that I miss traveling is actually an understatement. Oh how I would often marvel looking at our grand vacation photos! I can’t help but eye on some wonderful destinations yet again. It’s like my feet gets itchy one more time, hahaha! I’d love to be in Bangkok or Hongkong the next time out. But since we haven’t had enough of Singapore, it wouldn’t be too bad if I come for another visit 😉

Here’s a photo of my travel buddy of all time. It was taken during the golden birthday celebration of my Mom last year. The beach party’s theme was Hawaiian 😉

Star and I

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The Longest Travel By Land

My Boss and I are now pretty preoccupied preparing some important stuff for our upcoming trip to Zamboanga Del Norte come December. Since I am in-charge of the budget, we have to discuss more frequently the things that we need to prepare for this trip. We will be there for 7 days. I can now imagine how exhausting the travel will be. It’s gonna be a bum-aching experience with us hurdling the ten long hours on the road before we reach our destination.

I believe we will be needing portable phone batteries being away from our family for so long. Communication will be very important. I remember when I was away for the same purpose two years ago. I have spent almost 2, 000 pesos for phone credits. Most of it were spent for international SMS and phone calls.

This trip shall be the longest I will ever have in my entire life. Again, it’s not gonna be within my comfort zone. But somehow, I feel excited because this will be another experience for me to explore.

Wacoal’s Best Bra Deals

Over the weekend, I had my hands full not with household chores but I got pretty preoccupied scouting around the undergarment section of the mall. I was  choosing from amongst the wide array of sexy brassieres and undies. I had my eye only on the sexy Wacoal selections.

The Wacoal sexy way.

Can you blame me? I had been a loyal user of Triumph. All my brassieres were made from them. I must say it’s worth every penny. Now I wanted to try out Wacoal for a change. I’ve heard their items are made of quality fabric. Moreover, their padded bras do not deform and the straps do not hang loose easily.

My kind of thing! ;-)
I simply love the B & W shades

I had the above photos grabbed at the Wacoal website. I actually looked for the exact styles at the mall to no avail. I had to try and fit quite a handful of Wacoal designs.

I had to try all these in the fitting room.

I tried out most of the new arrivals on display. But only two of the designs caught my fancy. I did not hesitate in doing the purchase on these two items:

#1: The pink bra and panty 😉
# 2: The black-laced brassiere

I was a lucky soul for having availed of 50% marked down price on both items. I just think that both are great finds :-) I consider these my advance birthday presents to myself, hahaha!

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The Online Acquisitions for My Mom

When I did the online purchase of dresses for my Mom, of course I only chose plus size clothing for women since she gained too much weight over the years.

I actually only had two purchases which I correctly did the sizing up of her measurements.

The first acquisition was a Silver Polka Dotted Drop Waist w/ spit neckline, wide sleeves and inner lining.

#1: Polka Dots

My mother looked so elegant wearing it paired with black stockings and high-heeled shoes.

My Mom is at the far left during a pose at a cousin's wedding reception

The second purchase was a Velvety Drop Waist Dress with 3/4 sleeves, elastic drop waist design and pleated bubble skirt.

#2: Velvety dress

For health reasons however, my mother had to trim down. She was advised by her doctors to lose some weight. As of now, she looks sexier and is more fit to wear and show off those sexy dresses yet again. She just needs to make adjustment on the measurements so it does not look too loose on her.

My mother’s fashion sense is remarkable at her age. She has her own choices and she simply can not be dictated. She loves to look elegant while at the same time not losing her acumen for fashion.