A Dream Come True for a Woman Like Me

Women have their usual whims when it comes to clothing, apparel and shoes. I myself have my own fancies and you simply can not stop me once I have my eyes set on something. I always have a thing for shoes. Wedges, sandals, sneakers, name it,  I want to have them all, hahaha!

Why is it that I always feel more woman when I hoard a lot of shoes? Especially so if it is a pair of christian louboutin shoes. It definitely would be a dream come true for me. Why not? If it looks like this, I would be the happiest creature in the whole wide world:

Photocredits: http://www.bluefly.com/

I wish I could have a purchase of the item in the malls here. But no. I have to admit that I live in a city that is still a little primitive when it comes to signature items. I believe I can only get to acquire it through online purchase on a legitimate site. I actually found a site and I can’t help but be amazed with all the items for sale. I wish I could buy them all, hahaha! I am such a dreamer for wanting to buy them all, LOL! But seriously, I wish I could own one someday. What about a birthday gift to myself? Hmmmm. Let me think about that 😉

Loreal True Match Two Way Powder Foundation

I have never tried any kind of face powder but loose powder. I consider myself too primitive when it comes to make up and skin care. I am low maintenance but I noticed that as I age, I need to look more after myself.

Recently, I took a bolder move by trying out Loreal True Match Two Way Powder Foundation. I bought it to the tune of PhP 995.00. I have always been a fan of Loreal watershine lipstick. It is my first time though trying out the powder foundation which has a super-blendable feature that made my uneven skin tone radiate and my skin texture refined.

Loreal True Match Two Way Powder Foundation

I have always had problems with blemishes. Its super- blendable texture Pearl Shade Enhancer” pigments to match more precisely my natural skin tone and texture. It easily glides on my skin giving perfect coverage, natural and with no mask-effect.

I have always been oily skinned. I was even more amazed when I noticed that I now go out of the pad without the oiliness in my face! Thanks to 8H Matity for that! I am also now SPF 20/PA++ UV protected which guarantees 8-hour protection from the sun making me look constantly clean and flawless.

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My Own Sets of Sexy, Sizzling Lingerie

I actually own a few sets of sexy lingerie. I have bought them online. The first time I laid my eyes on them, I just can’t help but do the quick purchase.

Here they are for proof:

If I may just emphasize that I so love to hoard these sexy items. Even if I can not find a good reason for sporting them. I just love to get them and have them in my closet.

I am often amazed at how these sexy materials were designed with such finesse and articulation. I feel green with envy looking at the models in magazines. Honestly, I sometimes wish that I could flaunt my own sets of lingerie too if only I got the body, hahaha!

I find sexy lingerie sizzling hot and I believe it is the only time that I can be myself even if I do not have an audience. I find comfort in knowing that I go to bed sexy and comfortable. Given the tropical climate that we have here, lingerie is what I would consider as comfortable wear.

Like what I have published here before, and if I may just quote:

I think that it is also equally important that a woman feels good on the “inside” to complement her exterior countenance of femininity.

Does that make sense at all?

To Enroll or Not To Enroll

I have been mulling over the idea of going back to school again this year. Actually, my 5-year residency in the University that I have enrolled my Master’s degree some eleven years ago have already lapsed. Instead of just hurdling about 9 units in both Research and Thesis Writing, I now need to get a refresher course. Meaning, I had to re-enroll the twelve units (4 subjects) that I took in the first semester at the Graduate School.

Knowing this and the limited time that I have in my hands to be in a conventional classroom setting, I am now contemplating of enrolling at WaldenU.edu where Walden University’s online degree programs are available. I need to go through the site and learn about Walden more.

I was thinking of giving up some of my activities like playing badminton when I go back to school. But if I finally decide to go online schooling, that won’t be so much of a problem. Everything will be on status quo. Except that my online presence will be made necessary.

My Boss has immensely inspired me to go back to school and I am actually feeling excited with the thought of being a student again. I hope my brain is not too rusty with the number of years of being idle :-)


Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

Moving is much like going to the dentist; you never look forward to the process, but afterwards, you love the result. I am not a fan of clutter, but after you’ve lived somewhere for while, you inevitably accumulate a little more than you need. Getting rid of things that you don’t use is a cathartic experience, but the process of actually deciding what to keep and what to get rid of can be very emotional. What if I get rid of this shirt, but go looking for it a year later because it now has a purpose? How will my best friend feel if they find that I got rid of the dress they bought me (which, by the way, still has the tags on it)? On top of actually purging and moving, there’s the changing over of utilities. Luckily, the moving packet that I picked up from the post office had flyers that provided a lot of helpful information, including one contaningExpertSatellite deals for incline village. Once everything is moved in and set up, it’s worth it for the feeling of a new beginning.

Time Flies So Fast

I was browsing through my old photos and there I saw one photograph that brought a lot of sweet and beautiful memories.

With family close pal, Ate N and my cousin dearie, Allena

This was taken in Kapatagan at Samal Island about three years ago. I had the guts to wear the orange swim wear 😉 I have always loved bright colors and orange is definitely one of them.

I wonder when we can ever get to bond again. I would so love to go to Palawan the next time out with my family.

Geez! How time have evolved so quickly!

If you may have noticed, I haven’t yet gained some weight in here. I actually feel lighter and more comfortable.

Three years had past. Here I am still battling how to get rid of some unwanted pounds. Oh heavens, have mercy!  Am I getting so old? LOL!

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Keep Track of Your Credit Score

I used to have three credit cards in the past from two different banks. I was not aware then that keeping a credit score is very important for one to have a good credit standing. But even so, I have always made sure that I paid my dues on time. I never miss a single payment until the time that my credit card limit went up each year. I felt very happy because I was able to renovate our house several years back using my credit card.

For those who wants to have a free credit score, it is made very easy because everything is done online. You do not have to worry about going desperate and resorting to asking money from loan sharks. Your own credit card will provide you the money that you need as long as you are able to keep track of your credit score. These clever financial consultants make life easier and convenient for us. It also protects us from identity theft. This is very important to safeguard our families and resources.

During these rough economic times, it is important that we use the credit card wisely. I feel pity for those who has not availed of the services of FreeScore.com. They have not been wise enough. They turned out to be delinquents and is now suffering in the deep pit of bankruptcy.

Don’t let this happen to you. Act now and be protected!

Mission Atrix

I am a person who is not into gadgets. More so, I am not updated with cellphone models. You see, I strongly believe that as long as it does serve the purpose, it does not matter what model of cellphone I am using.

But recently, I have this certain urge to purchase a new cellphone. It just suddenly hit me that I have become too primitive and ancient as I aged, hahaha!

What came to my fancy was Atrix. Oh boy! I would just be too happy to acquire this!

I better start working on it today. My mission to acquire Atrix is just getting the better of me 😉

The Pink Nails

Orange toes was something new for me, but the pink nails was not.

As always, pink is so cool!

The Pink Nails

I have to mention that the woman who worked on my feet used a pink basket 😉

The Pink Basket

It was a relaxing day but I had to rush back to the Office right after the pampering session. We weren’t spared from reporting for work though it was a holiday. Sigh! :-(

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