Teaching is a Passsion

My Mom is a teacher by profession. Oh how she loved to talk about the kids at home. She would also often show off the gifts that she received from the generous parents of the children and from the students as well. It is usually the back to school gift for teachers.

But she chose a laid back life as a non-teaching staff when she became a registrar of the school. She never received any teaching load then. She had no regrets giving up teaching because her health had improved after that. But in her heart, teaching is still and will always be a passion.

Finally Got the Time to Pamper Myself

I opted to choose for orange on my toenails when I finally was able to overcome laziness and procrastination. It’s because I still haven’t tried one. I was able to try a lot of various colors in the past but orange is my first time.

The orange toes

It’s actually very relaxing going to the salon once in a while, especially when the schedule gets so toxic. Most of the time, I feel like I had to drag my feet in order for me make some self-pampering routine. Yesterday, I felt like I owe it to myself for working so dam*n hard.

At the salon

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Good Luck

My cousin’s husband is so hooked on cars. I believe that’s his favorite past time. At present, she is teaching my cousin on how to drive.

I wonder if they plan of opting to buy another car or putting up a rim shop. He might consider going full time to do business since he just resigned from his regular job.

Well, whatever it is that they come up with, I can only wish them good luck.


Kim Kardashian’s Dream Wedding

Before the internet connection went down yesterday, I was feeling bored and was just browsing the web the entire time. I am a huge procrastinator so the tasks awaiting for me to accomplish were definitely put on the sidelines, LOL!

I was only reading about Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries. I so love her gown which was designed by Vera Wang. She was absolutely a stunning bride and drop dead gorgeous! I wonder if she took the best diet pills prior to the big day.

People Kim Kardashian
Photocredit: The web


Let Me Rant

Let me rant for a sec. I am having problems with my sink. I complained to my landlady about the strainer that’s not functioning well. She had it fixed twice… to no avail. I then requested to have it replaced. She did as requested. But after the third time of working on it, it has gotten worse. The pipe had been leaking since the strainer was changed. I am not sure if the workers who did the job were just too inefficient or I just need to request for undermount kitchen sinks.

Wheee! It’s so much a pain in the neck working in the kitchen especially when I am rushing to go to work.

Let me end my rant in here, LOL!

Neophyte in Blogging

I was able to influence another soul to do blogging in the person of a friend of mine who has just migrated to Canada. She would like to blog about her life as an expat, the joys of motherhood, about her work, and also about the beautiful things in Canada. Of course, she can’t leave out wilson cell booster canada in her posts.

I was happy to be acknowledged in one of her posts for the inspiration I have somehow imbibed. I know she will do well in the blogosphere. I can’t wait to read more about the stuff she’s interested in.

A Life That Beats Inside

I have been boasting before about the intimate apparels I had acquired at eBay. I can’t help but flaunt them off . I am sure I would still do the same even if it’s plus size intimate apparel.

I can imagine myself with a bulging tummy and getting so fat, ekkkkk! I will be disfigured when the time comes but I believe that’s fine. There could be no better time for a woman than to conceive another life in her tummy. I know my time will come soon and it won’t be too far from happening now.

Be At Peace With Identity Hawk and Identity Theft Protection

I looked gaudy the past two weeks. I do not even have the time to spare to even look at myself infront of the mirror coz I just know I look so ugly.


The online training that I was into for a week now had sapped me all of my energy. Imagine hurdling cyber bullying, hate, threats, and the like. This new undertaking truly had me mentally drained.

Since I’ve ventured into online endeavors, I just know that my personal identities are on the line. I am more at risk at being a real target by identity thieves using my personal information against me. It’s quite alarming to know that crimes such as this exists. I don’t want my family and I get victimized by such thieves. So it’s better to get protected by Identity Hawk. This is the best identity theft protection one could ever have.

It is not actually a hard decision to make. I am looking at the long-term benefits of getting myself secured. I will be more financially stable because my investments are a lot more protected. Apart from that personal benefits, I am helping fraud to be stopped even before it has began.

I now love to be at peace because I feel secured with my assets.

The Three Magi Never Had My Problem

This has happened to me whenever I am faced with buying presents for an occasion. I am sure that the reader too has faced a similar quandary.

In these rough economic times with rising inflation, it makes gifts purchase even more difficult with the shrinking value of our purchasing power. Unless you are blessed with a lot of cash and a walk into any Store would never impact you, I have to rely on having to buy them Personal Creations

It is one of the most satisfying solutions to this recurring problem that I face.

The Best Birthday Present I’ve Ever Had So Far

I don’t go for material stuffs. I am a very simple person who takes pleasure in simple things. I’ve had actually received a lot of wonderful presents for my birthdays in the past but one that’s simply memorable for me was the cake that I received as a gift for my birthday in 2009.

You may ask, “why the cake?” Anyone could have a cake, for heaven’s sake! LOL!

You see, it was the first time that I ever had a cake my entire life. So that’s how memorable it was for me. The sentimental value was something that I can not easily let go of.

It was actually the biggest cake I ever had! It’s like I celebrated my debut, LOL! I actually had three cakes the night I celebrated my birthday in 2009 and I certainly had a blast!

So here’s the cake that I was talking about:

Simply beautiful!
The lovely birthday message
Slicing of the cake

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