Windy’s Secret

I am not a techy savvy type of person. Honestly, I rely heavily on Windy’s expertise on this. However, I am not too sure if he does have an idea about cars and rv repairs. I know he has a car but he doesn’t use it much. He prefers to have a walk rather than sit on the steering wheel.

When I was at JB, we actually did lots of walking from here and there, LOL! You woudn’t believe it but I actually asked if there were tricycles available, hahaha!I believe it’s Windy’s secret to looking so young and healthy. I also love his choices of foods. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a single  capture, sigh!

Anyways, the memories will always last a lifetime and that’s what matters the most :-)

Good News for Bookworms

For the bookworms out there, I have some real good news for you!

Did you know that kindle reader is now available to make quite a handful of reading materials stored in the convenience of a portable electronic reader?

Isn’t that wonderful?

I remember those times where I used to hoard borrowing books from the Public City Library. Gone were those days when the advent of technology began to set in. Ebooks made lives easier for voracious readers. That’s how lives are made easier and more convenient by modern technology.

Hard to Stop the Cravings

When we went to KL and Jimmy finally fetched us up at the airport, the first thing he noticed was my trimmed figure. He told me it was so different from the last time he saw me last year. He even concluded I was taking fat burners ;-).

I really had a hard time losing weight then. It was so because I had no discipline and I don’t keep watch of my diet. I was always craving for food and it’s so hard to stop.

Though I still am two kilos overweight than my desired weight, I felt like I have achieved so much for losing three kilos, hehehe! I hope I won’t have so much cravings again like what I had in the past. I still am keeping my fingers crossed for that 😉

Life Made Easier by Online Schooling

I have been contemplating to enroll online and complete my education programs. It’s actually long over due. I have only to complete my Thesis Writing units and voila! I shall be having my Graduate Program certificate.

However, I believe that online courses have a completely different curriculum. I am not sure if I need to start all over again or my other subjects will be carried over and credited. I shall try to inquire about that in no time

I feel excited that I can now do things online. Gone were those days where  I need to commute and attend to my classes in the evening right after a long day’s hard work. Technology continues to evolve over time and this is truly an era of modern technology which makes life easier and convenient for all of us.