A Fine Dinner One Saturday Night

Last Saturday, my family (minus my Mom) and some friends went out to have a fine dinner at a local restaurant here. I sported for the first time one of the accessories I bought in SG. They all thought it’s a diamond bracelet but hell no! It wasn’t! Don’t be easily deceived by mere looks. I can’t afford to buy one not unless it’s given to me as a gift 😉

Why did you make me pose like this?

As usual, I lost control. I ate a lot. It was a tiring day for me and I felt weak for having not taken in enough food for the entire day.

Crispy pata

That’s only one of the irresistible food that was laid down on the table. I don’t usually eat pork but that was a night of relishing some delectable dishes with family and friends. It doesn’t happen every night so I had to savor the moment 😉

With Cha
With Cha and my SIL, Sheena

Congratulations, Bottomlines!

Last Saturday night, we had a huge celebration at the beach for the promotion of the Boss who blogs at Bottomlines. He is now the Assistant Regional Election Director for Region XII and the concurrent City Election Officer of General Santos City.  Though he hasn’t been actively blogging, he would oftentimes ask me for his Log In details at WordPress, LOL!

There was no formal program that was prepared but the Boss tasked yours truly and Star to prepare some give-aways and parlor games. As usual, he tasked me as well to lead the invocation, which I prepared beforehand, LOL!

Here it goes:

Almighty Father,

We thank you for this beautiful opportunity that we are gathered here on this happy occasion to mark the career achievement of our beloved Boss.

We have shared the challenges he faced while leading all of us at work and we know that we have been blessed and fortunate to have his dedication and wisdom as our leader through the years.

He has also been a mentor to us both at work and even with our personal issues with kindness.

It is therefore not a surprise that our beloved Boss has won the recognition from his Superiors to go further and be of greater benefit for the Commission.

We give back all the glory to you, Dear Father. All these wouldn’t have been possible without your unfailing love and grace. We ask for your divine presence tonight as we celebrate his success.

We also ask that the foods we are about to partake may give nourishment  to our physical bodies so we may be able to continue to glorify your holy name.

All this we ask in Jesus name.


It was absolutely  a fun night for us and also a night of photoshoots, LOL! It was the night I paraded my pink bag which I also bought from Singapore  to the tune of $10 and the pink top with the same price as well 😉

The Pink Bag
With a subordinate at work
Star and I
Some of the camwhores, LOL!
A pose by the pool
Smiling for yah!
At the beach

Do As I Say!

We do have two televisions at home: one in the living room and one in the dining area. I kept nagging my brothers to look for outdoor antennas for both televisions but it is like I have been talking to no one.

The receptions on both TV’s are rather blurry. I do not know till when my brothers are going to have deaf ears on the matter. Can’t they just do as I say?


Possible or Not?

With the advent of technology, Mega Meeting web video conferencing have been made possible especially in the corporate world. It has been a must for business establishments to be in constant contact with various organizations especially if they have branched out to various parts of the country or even abroad.

Technology has made it very easy and convenient for business executives to do meetings via the web.

I wonder if it is possible for our Office to do the same. Since the automation was made possible for the first time in the country, I believe it’s not too far from happening.

Oh well! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The Red Tube Story

One of the colors that I find rather sexy is red. I simply can’t be hushed when I see something that stirs my eyes sporting that color.

I was spotted on wearing a red tube and a red doll shoes in Singapore last week   :-)

Getting ready to leave the hotel in Kuala Lumpur for the Singapore trip
All set for the 6-hour bus trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Arrival at our hotel in Singapore

I always prepare my apparels when I am on a trip and the red tube has that funny story, LOL!

I bought a new one at the mall before the trip to Kuala Lumpur. When I was looking for it to have it hand washed, I could find it no longer. Since I am going to be late for work if I don’t stop looking for it, I asked my brother to go find it for me. At lunch break, I went to the department store to purchase my personal stuffs for the trip. I passed by the women section by accident and saw a red tube that’s displayed beautifully. I bought it without having second thoughts.

Wise decision! My brother wasn’t able to find the first red tube that I bought, LOL!

When I returned from my trip and the laundry woman did the washing for the week, I was happy to know that there’s now two red tubes! Hahaha!

My Share For:

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Stop It, Windy!

Windy told me he had stopped smoking after he got a heart attack last January. That was music to my ears. I don’t want people special to me suffer from dreaded ailments caused by smoking. However when I heard that alec bradley cigar is not an ordinary cigarette, I opted to change my mind, LOL!

Windy still smokes but does not inhale the nicotine. He blows it out of his mouth and nose. I do not exactly know how it is done but I have seen him do it with expertise.

Oh well!

I just hope it won’t make his condition worse than it is now. Or else, I will shout out: Stop It, Windy! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

Is There Hope?

Does all Filipino household own a television?

When I was younger, not too many Filipino households own a television. We would only know if one household got a TV if they have outdoor antennas. In the past, it used to be a status symbol. But now it no longer is. Most can own one if they have 1000 pesos. They could often get it from a smuggled store where televisions are for sale very cheap. I can’t blame my countrymen for patronizing smuggled items because of the impoverished conditions of the majority of them.

Time and again, the government accordingly have tried to address these issues but it all boils down to one thing: our country is sinking deep.

Is there still hope for our beloved country? I believe you and I know the answer.

Archery Can Be Fun

I wonder if it has occurred to many that archery can be a good hobby. There are a lot of available gadgets online making archery targets so easy and fun.

I haven’t watched archery players play the game live but I have watched some of them on TV during international competitions. I can not exactly remember which country excels the game but one thing is for sure, archery is not too popular in the Philippines.

Oh well!

Yours truly will still go rooting for my own basketball team, LOL! Even then, I’d still love to know how archery is played.

The Pink Bag for Kayth

It’s good to be back!

I am glad that it isn’t too late for my Pink Friday entry :-)

My Malaysia-Singapore trip was something that I will remember by for the rest of my life. It was a rather strong move on my part to have taken the trip to Singapore without due knowledge on where to go, hahaha! Good thing my Singaporean blogpal helped me out to do our itinerary. I have always been looking forward to meeting up with Krislin and also with a pretty Filipina blogger, Kayth. I actually prepared a few gifts for them prior to leaving the country.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet both of them because of the tight schedule. I brought back with me Kayth’s gift while Krislin’s gift I handed over to Windy for him to do the mailing, LOL!

Pink handmade bag for Kayth

Signature Items at Fendi

I previously blogged that my cousin who just passed the Nursing Licensure Board Exams was a little worried in looking old fashioned in her nursing outfits. She just nailed a job in one of the prestigious hospitals in the city and I can not help but be too happy for her.

She kept asking me for tips on how to look fashionable in her daily uniforms. I helped her in searching for some websites which sells the best nursing apparels. I found one which had my attention glued on the items up for grabs.

We were both amazed with fendi. Lots of signature items can be found on the site. Who says being a nurse can make you look so outmoded? All designer items can be found on the site. Shoes, handbags and accessories, name it, they have it! They have got these brands to boost: Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Levi’s and so much more! It’s truly overwhelming to have found such a vast selection of signature items at fendi.

My cousin got so ecstatic in having a purchase of one of the stylish fendi handbags. But well, she had me laughing when she asked me to lend her some money for the purchase, hahahaha! What a naughty cousin of mine!