A Penny Matters

I will be travelling in a few weeks. I am not sure if bringing silver dollars will do me good but I believe every single penny that I get hold will matter a lot.

I am pretty much excited with this trip. I just hope I will be in a very good physical condition to be able to do all the things I want to do.

I shall let the photos do the talking the next time out.

See you all soon!


When I almost died from near drowning in 1995, I had a huge phobia of getting near a swimming pool. I got over it however after quite a number of years of frequenting beaches and pools. I still do not know how to swim though, LOL! But I can walk on the pool floor that’s complete with swimming pool lifts and show off the swimming gear, hehe!

The recent poolcapade we’ve got was with my subordinates. I had a great time beating the summer heat!

After that near-death experience of long ago, I can’t believe I did all that! LOL!

Crammed Up

I only had an hour of sleep the night before my brother’s wedding. Gosh! I can’t believe time moved that quick! I was cramming up completing the guest list and finally printing them out. I ran out of ink and it screwed up everything.

Geez! I can’t imagine how I have accomplished all of that! Thank God I did by the miracle of God! :-)

At the wedding day, the eyebags was so obvious. I should have put on eye cream for dark circles. The make up artist wasn’t able to bring a concealer with him. Too bad!

The New Lappy & Desktop

I can’t wait to get hold of my new lappy! It is not too expensive but it’s definitely Ordinateurs de bureau! I am more thrilled of the idea that it will make life easier and convenient for me whenever I do get online anywhere I am.

What I can guarantee is that it is something so nice and sleek! Windy made sure of that! 😉

And oh yeah! Apart from the lappy, I shall also be having a new desktop. How’s that for an affordable purchase?

Gosh! This trip makes me feel so giddy and excited 😉 I shall talk more about that when I return :-)

Philippines is a Tropical Country

I have been made aware that the US and Australia have cold seasons during winter. I bet they do have infrared heater in every household to prevent one from feeling freezing cold.

It’s a different setting here in the Philippines being a tropical country. In fact. most don’t even own a shower heater in the bathroom, LOL! Like in our own household, we had to boil water and put it in the basin, LOL! Does that sound so ancient? Hahahaha!

Anyway, we find it a necessity to equip the bathroom with a shower heater soon. It’s convenience at its best and will make life easier and better.

The Pink Lingerie

It’s Friday once more and I feel so ecstatic to show off my featured photo for this week.

It was in 2008 when my very good friend Twerlyn got hitched. A few weeks prior to her wedding, the coordinator organized a lingerie bridal shower. I was one of the bridesmaids. The concept was the idea of the wedding coordinator, our High School pal, Jenny. It was a fun night with Twerlyn’s friends gathered together sporting various designs of lingeries.

Twerlyn and the coordinator wore white lingeries and they were oozing with sexiness. They let me borrow the same color and posed for the cam. The shot is too sexy to be posted at the blog though, LOL!

We have to make do with this pink lingerie paired with pink slippers;-) You’re wrong! Undergarments weren’t pink. You can’t see it coz  I wore a pink robe only for the cam’s sake, hahahaha!

Big grin while posing for the camera

Have a grand weekend everyone!

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Techy Savvy Pals

I have relied heavily on my blogpals Windy and Uncle che to do the dirty works in the transfer of my two blogger blogs to WordPress. The task was made very difficult because Google did not give he EPP transfer code.

But with Uncle Che’s expertise, the migration was made possible. Uncle Che has IT expertise to boost. He evern considers furthering his studies by getting some more online it degree. It’s either be online or he also contemplates in studying at UK or India.

I feel so lucky I have friends I can rely on when I need them the most. They never have second thoughts in extending a helping hand.

To Windy and Uncle Che, thanks for working on my blogs. I am happy that this blog and Kuerdas are now having WP platforms :-)

My Fave Summer Outfit

I don’t usually go for Memes not unless I was personally invited by the host or it simply is too interesting to resist.

This is my first time to be joining Girls Talk. Since this blog was designed to primarily gear up women in different aspects of their well being, I decided to have a go and have some fun playing along with the rest of the fellas out there 😉

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, my wardrobe is mostly made up of cotton and soft fabric. I would usually go for summer dresses. There’s quite a handful of them :-)

And yeah!

I am such a sucker for and a great hoarder of swim wears, LOL! When I find something nice and sexy, no one can stop me from doing the purchase. The not-so-recent best buy was from eBay but I didn’t get the chance to wear it just yet.

When I traveled to Manila last quarter of 2010, Sarah who helped me get around the big metro had the first fit of the item. She simply had no choice because the policy in the hotel’s swimming pool was strictly implemented: No one will be permitted to get near the pool if not in their proper swimming gears.

Do have a look:

That's sexy Sarah!
Jacuzzi time!

I wore the one I bought at the mall at a very cheap price:

My fair share at the jacuzzi ;-)
Having a relaxing time...
We definitely had a grand time 😉

That’s the fave outfits when it gets incredibly difficult to beat the heat. We would eventually decide to go for a swim. We did have a lot of summer escapades at some islands in the country. A lot of photos to share wearing the swim wears but some were just too privvy to show off at the blog, LOL! But most were just simple tops and bottoms.

Sunbathing, LOL!
Pearl Farm, Island Garden City of Samal

My usual summer outfit however is just a simple shirt and shorts when dilly-dallying at home sweet home or a summer dress when I go out.

Peace Out!


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Unbelieavably Effective

One of the cousins who was a bride’s maid to my brother’s wedding is a licensed radiologist. She once worked at St. Lukes Hospital but later on filed a resignation. She now joined the academe and one of the youngest educators at Davao Medical School.

When we saw each other in December, she talked on how she so wanted to get rid of her acnes. When we went to Davao two weeks ago, she said she found some accutane reviews to help her resolve her acne problems. At my brother’s wedding, she finally got rid of all her acnes.


That's Yola sitting down
My lovely cousins