>Fiancee’s Email Account Got Hacked!

>My Prince just bought his new set of PC this week. We weren’t able to view each other via our web cameras because he is yet to install all the applications and programs in his new PC. We are both happy that he got a new one.

It’s been weeks since he’s been complaining that the old PC keeps acting up on him. Last week, he finally decided to acquire a new set.

The sad news is that, he can no longer access his mailbox. I told him he got hacked. It’s so sad that it happened to him. But he tried to appease me by saying that there’s no important stuffs contained in the mailbox.

That gave me a sigh of relief.

>Looking Like A Barrel In Miniskirts

>My fiance finds me sexy wearing a miniskirt. I am not used to wearing one in the past but he was able to build up my confidence over the years. As expected of him, he would frequently say I look sexy in them… Hmmmm. I hope he is not too biased though, LOL!

That’s the fiance and yours truly

He would tell me that a lot of women wear minis in Sydney and they make no fuss about it. Some looks hot pairing it with a fashionable boots. It looks a lot different from kamik rain boots though during rainy season.

I hope I have a beautiful pair of legs to flaunt by wearing minis. But good grief! With my height, I’d look like a barrel! LOL!

>Wish Me Goodluck, Folks!

>I have been very preoccupied the past couple of weeks hurdling every minute details for Lainy’s Musings 3rd Blogoversary- The Gravatar Contest. I hardly had any time to even have a good meal. When I take a nap or go to bed at night time, everytime I get to wake up in the morning, there is always something new that comes to this head of mine. It is obviously all worked up, LOL!

So when I am all this busy, I do not want any distractions getting in the way.

But what the heck!

The brother asked me if he could take over the PC for a while. He wants to Google about GenF20 reviews. I wonder where he got that.

I had no choice but to get off my seat. I then deemed it best to take the much needed break. I didn’t realized I have been working infront of the PC for hours!

Wheeew! I could only hope the 3rd Blogoversary will be another success like in the past.

Wish me goodluck, Folks!

>I Want a Bigger Wardrobe Cabinet

>I am such a sucker for minute details. I always see to it that I get what I want. When we had the house renovated some years back, I had to make sure that the little things were done within my desired changes.

It was also the case when I had the cabinet pulls done in my room. I wanted something that has room for everything especially my jeans. So it was set up with some space for my jeans where it can be easily hanged. It’s not so huge yet I have more than enough space for the folded shirts and hanged clothes.

How I wish though I have a bigger one like the one in the photo below:

Unfortunately, I’ve got a small room. There isn’t enough space for such a bigger wardrobe. Sigh.