The Natal Day That Was

>My birthday last year was spent overnight out-of-town at a white sand beach resort about an hour drive from the city I live in. It was a celebration that’s unusual because I’ve spent it with colleagues at work. I usually celebrate my natal day very simply only with friends and most of all my family. It just so happened that after the SK and Barangay Elections in October, the Boss organized a Post-Election Strategic  Evaluation and incidentally scheduled it on my day of birth. It was the call of duty so I was left with little choice.

I made the most out of that day. The view was breathtaking. It was my first time to have set foot in the resort. It was nature at its best! I truly enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


The second day of our stay at the resort, there were a lot more people coming in and they were sporting their swim wears. I can’t help but let out a chuckle when the Boss got from his car the bushnell binoculars. That was so naughty of him!

I made sure I’ve had a capture, LOL!

He even shared it with my co-assistant, hahahaha!

Indeed, boys will always be boys!

>Pergo A-Go!

>Our house was renovated a few years back. I wasn’t able to have it done last year though because of monetary constraints.

However, one of the priorities I have for this year is the flooring. Though the tiles were still a bit new and unscathed, I would rather have the pergo flooring. I have heard a lot of positive stuffs about it and I wanna give it a go.

That will mainly rely on the budget availability though. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that.

Wedding Gowns in Divisoria

My cousin who got married last December had her wedding gown custom made in Divisoria.

Yes Siree! Who would believe it was only in Divisoria! She designed the gown herself and looked for some shops at Divisoria who can sew it for her. She got it for a package deal including her groom’s black tuxedo. She paid only PhP 11, 000. 00!


When I learned about it, I tried to search online for some related sites that talk about Divisoria doing gowns for the would- be brides and voila! No less than the Blogger Philippines Executive Aileen Apollo is blogging about it at her wedding planner blog, The Twisted Wedding Planner.

I learned a great deal about the site and yeah! It’s practical to have your wedding gown custom made at Divisoria. I shall try going there myself one of these days :-)

Stylistic Hats

Isn’t it pretty obvious that I am such a sucker for hats? I love collecting various kinds. Apart from me, my brothers also love to hoard their own collections. They actually love to purchase a cowboy hat for their Jamaican performances on stage. I still got to own one like that.

For now I own quite a few which I love to mix and match with various summer dresses. Being in a tropical country like the Philippines, we’re lucky we’ve got some really stylistic designs to boost.

The Shoes

One of the best purchased items I had in 2010 was the shoes which was the envy of some friends at Facebook, LOL! Quite a handful of them were actually asking me to hand it down to them once I get tired of sporting it.

But sorry folks! I only had the opportunity of wearing it twice, haha! I don’t think I’ll be handing it down to anyone anytime soon 😉

Do take a look:

>So Help Us God!

>My fiance and I have often discussed what job would I want when I get to Sydney. I told him I wanted to seek a job upon arrival. I was considering of getting a short- term study in the medical field and eventually apply for healthcare it jobs. He was not in agreement as there won’t be much time for it. He told me our time will be mostly spent in preparation for our upcoming wedding and for the processing of partner’s visa.

Well, he had definitely planned the timeline for everything. For now, we are in the process of speeding up the gathering of documents that I need for my fiance visa application. We have always believed that everything will be fine once we lodged the papers to the Embassy.

So help us God!

>Hair or Without Hair

>My fiance is having problems with his balding hair. Though it is not really a growing concern for him, he still would want to find a solution and address the issue before it gets really a huge problem to get resolved. He is currently on the look out for the best hair loss products available in town.

I am hoping he could find one which got no ill effects for the body. I don’t want him to undergo invasive procedures.

Nevertheless, hair or without hair, I still would love him the way he is. Nothing can change that.

Below is a capture of me and my fiance:

>Wanna Get Rid of Acnes

>Last December, I’ve tried some  cosmetic products which are  really popular in the market. Unfortunately, my mother and I got truly disappointed coz it didn’t worked on us. As a matter of fact, we both got acnes and it made me truly frustrated.

I spent almost Php10, 000. 00 for those products. When I bought it, I was all too excited to see the remarkable results. Sadly, all I got were acnes!

Now I am searching for the best acne products. I am hoping against hope that I can get rid of these acnes fast!

>Wonderful Culprit

>Last week, I have met at the mall an old friend. She used to be one of my classmates in high school. I was amazed of how she has transformed! She was once a really obese gal and had been frequently the subject of ridicule by bullies at school.

When she smiled from afar,  I didn’t immediately recognized her. She had to tap my hands and utter my name when she came close before I was finally able to fathom who she was. Gosh!

She is so sexy now. Peepz at the mall were even turning their heads to look at her. We engaged in a simple chit chat and she shared with me one of her secrets. Energy diet pill is the culprit for her amazing transformation. 

What a wonderful culprit! 

>To Each His Own

>We all want a sexy and firm body. Who wouldn’t want? We do all possible means to shed some pounds whenever the gained weight looks very evident.

Just recently, the Megastar Sharon Cuneta had an altercation with the controversial Hayden Kho for an alleged billboard war. The megastar got pissed off when Mr. Kho allegedly criticized the Megastar’s billboard via Twitter. However, the former denied the said allegation.

As you all can see, it’s obvious that it’s a war between the two competing and leading slimming industries in the country. It involves millions of pesos.

I don’t personally want to tie up myself in such kind of mess. I would just rely on oxyelite pro results rather than exhange words with someone that did not believe I indeed lost weight.

Lesson learned: To each his own. Respect is earned.