>My Sexy Lingeries

>Most of you must be aware by now that one of the items that I love to purchase is a sexy lingerie. I feel good having owned them but it feels disappointing sometimes when  there is no opportunity to show them off, hahaha. I was able to sport them only twice though.

I am an impulsive buyer and yeah. There was a time when I got really hooked on eBay. When I see something sexy, nothing can stop me from buying the item. That wasn’t a good attitude though because I find myself out of budget for buying the non-essentials.

Do take a look at my previous purchases:

>The Bike

>Since the bike was bought by my brothers several months back, it has become a routine that either one of them will do the washing every morning. They always make sure that it looks clean and sleek. Eventhough he was not tasked to do so, my youngest brother makes it sure that the spare parts are working well like the brakesbefore they hit the road.

My mother and I though are always worried whenever they go out. Lots of road accidents involving those riding in the bike have been reported. It wasn’t long ago when the bike was impounded at the Land Transportation Office. My brother was caught for some traffic violations, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

My brothers love to kill me and my mother from all these worries. I have always dissuaded them from getting the bike but they can’t be stopped, sigh!

>Valentines Day is Almost Here

>Valentines day is fast approaching. Sure most lovers are in search for the best gifts for their respective partners. It is one of the hardest tasks not only for women but more so for men.

But mind you, one of my male friends find looking out for a Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her a real challenge but is most exciting.

As early as now, his gift is all set and is nicely wrapped in a beautiful valentine wrapper. He can’t wait to see his girl open them up with eyes glowing with love and excitement.

>Saving A Dime Can Be a Pain in the Neck

>I do not have any personal savings but I do love to invest on home appliances as well as log furniture.

It was not long ago when I purchased both our dining table and our living room couch. It wasn’t easy to purchase them at one go because I had to pay out in a huge amount of money. Nevertheless I was able to do it.

Most of our home appliances and renovation of the house came from my hard-earned money. Helping my Mom run the house is no easy feat. Though I am unmarried, I have been used to family and home obligations since I was younger being the eldest of 3 siblings.

Saving a dime is hard to do but I need to do so if only to help myself in the long run.

>The Newlyweds

>The much-awaited wedding of my cousin took place before 2010 drew to a close. Her immediate family and our relatives were all excited for it. As a matter of fact, most of my aunts shopped for their own special occasion dresses. It was indeed a day of celebration!

My cousin was stunning in her halter white bridal gown with black accent. Her motif was aqua blue and black. The groom looked dashing in his tuxedo. They got a very affordable price for the gown and the tuxedo.

Here are some photos to boost:


>Jon and Michelle Got Hitched

>As part of my preparation for my cousin’s wedding, I not only made sure that the dress I was going to wear fits well. I also had to purchase new rechargeable batteries to make sure that the once in lifetime occasion was all captured in detail.

It was truly a day of celebration for my family but more especially for the bride and the groom. I could not be any happier for my cousin.

Jon and Michelle were together for seven years before they finally decided to tie the knot. Jon is my cousin’s first ever boyfriend. Sounds like a fairytale, huh?

To the both of them,congratulations and my sincere best wishes!

>Who Knows What Are The Best Around

>So like everyone else, I have been asking this question. What are the top ten diet pills. It boggles my mind when I come across so many that is available and I do not know what is the consensus of others which are the ones that I can get my value for money.

This has become a more pressing issue for me because I have to address what is causing me to have gained too much body weight over the past several months.

For those like me who are lost in a sea of so many variants available, surely such a list will be helpful when deciding what to buy.

>Enjoy Now, Pay Later

>Yes, indeed in this affluent times, we have heard that said so often. It rings especially true when one has had months of good living and dining and soon find that one’s clothes do not fit anymore.

Ah! yes, that ugly word called “fat”.

One spends so much money to get fat and then later face the problem in getting rid of belly fat.

I have noticed this repeatedly with so many with my relatives and friends and I often ask why they still indulge in “Enjoy now, pay later”?

It never makes sense to these people that they are hurting their personal health and wasting a good deal of their money.

>My Home Is Alive With The Sound Of Music

>Both my brothers are professional band boys with KUERDAS. They deliver in the main, reggae music and songs which is much sought after in our location. Now quite understandably they are fussy about how their music and sound reproductions quality are when they perform live.

It is because of this, the rest of the family is fortunate that we have benefit from both of them because we have a great home speaker system installed at home.

Listening to anything from the Radio, Television set or Tape set has sound wired to this system and it is makes listening a pleasure.