>They Do Not Call It the Comfort Room For No Reason

>Here in the Philippines, the toilet room is better known and called as the Comfort Room. Now, I have traveled to several countries and apart from the local lingua franca, I know that this room is not called the Comfort Room like it is in the Philippines.

Frankly, I think the Filipinos chose an apt name for this room. We all know that users of this room are there to ease themselves or to clean themselves. In larger and more upbeat establishments, the Comfort Room also has a few partitions where one can have a shower. This is surely handy for the weary traveler who needs to shower and freshen up.

Most Filipino newer residential estates come equipped with modern facilities in the Comfort Room. I noticed that at these newer houses, the Comfort Room is complete with all the luxuries of a modern bathroom.

Great care and attention has been given to ensure that the items and color are pleasing and one is straight away at ease when entering the Comfort Room. On further inquiry I found out that the developer found most of his ideas from betterbathrooms.com

I would love to have the benefit of having items at my home, just like the ones that I have seen in these newer houses.

>Where Do Kids Get All That Money?

>I am often amazed by what they have these days for kids and those who are unrepentant followers of Electronic Games. The range of what is available in the Malls is so varied that one could spend hours looking at them and trying them out.

I have seen school children spend their after school hours loitering around these outlets especially those that deal with psp.

What is even more surprising is the ready money that these school children carry with them to buy such items. For one, I never had that kind of liberty with money as a kid.

We have indeed become an affluent society needless to say.

Tropical Philippines

A close blogpal’s husband is into the landscaping business. Since it is his field of expertise, I was thinking he is making some good money in it. I wonder if he does weeping willow tree as part of the landscaping business.

I can see quite a good number of beautiful hardy shade trees in the US. That is only in the photos though, LOL! But I can see lots of it here too especially in the hotels. It gives a really radiant and beautiful attraction to its clientèle.

Since it has drought tolerance, it a common sight in the Philippines where climate is tropical.

>Like Mom, Like Me

>While growing up, it has always fascinated me when I watched my Mom get ready to go out. She always paid particular attention to the choice of her Marc Jacobs handbags that she had.

It was like a ritual for her. Mom’s choice had to match from color to design and size. And now I am hooked on the same thing that I loved to watch Mom do. LOL!

I will have to increase my inventory of handbags to be able to do what Mom used to and that is going to take me some time, but I will one day, soon I hope.

Ageing Gracefully

My mother is middle-aged. How time flies so quick. She was just a young teener when she had me. It dawned on me that as my mother grows old, I am growing old so quick as well, hahaha! The years gone by has not stopped my Mom from being vain. She has always loved to make herself good and beautiful. Indeed she is!

But recently, she got so concerned with the wrinkles on her face. I have helped her to find some solutions. I told her to try anti aging wrinkle cream to help her age gracefully, LOL! We could only hope it will work on her.

Feeling of Gratification

Gone are the days when we use to frequently change the floor mats in the house. It sucks especially when the dirt sticks there even after a good clean-up. Things got a little better when I had the house renovated and decided to buy glass tile. It looked good and offered convenience.

We only have a very small house. But you won’t believe how much I’ve spent for the house renovation. My personal savings for that entire year was all exhausted for the purpose. To complement the new tiles, I’ve bought a vacuum to make things neat and tidy. I’ve always spent my savings for the family. It brought some feeling of gratification to have achieved little things for them.

Value For Money When Making A Purchase

Ever since the day our Boss walked into his Office looking smart while carrying a laptop, it became a craze for the rest of us to save all we possibly could to purchase one.

Some of us even skipped Lunch to add to our savings to purchase that dream laptop.

When the day arrived that the money became available, most of us were left staring at each other wondering what is the selection of portables available in town.

It does need some basic understanding of computer configuration to know whether we would get our money’s worth. Fortunately, our I.T personnel shared his knowledge on the matter and those of us who bought a laptop couldn’t have been more pleased.

>A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

>Early this week, our Office secretary was seen running around like a headless rooster, frantically asking her fellow co- workers if they knew where she could buy
hp 35a replacements.

Obviously she has a lot of printing work unfinished and our Boss was due to leave for a very important Meeting in the Capital city.

Had it not been for our Messenger boy, I think the Boss would have been in trouble without the printed papers.

Sometimes, an oversight for supplies can create unnecessary stress and at the worst possible moment.

>Happy New Bike

>My two siblings recently got a new Honda motorcyle. I have dissuaded them from actually doing the purchase because I know how bikes can get so accident prone. But when my younger brother would often take me to or fetch me from work, I saw how careful he can be in driving. I never have felt safe in my life riding a bike, hehe.

My brothers love the new bike like their own selves. The youngest is the one cleaning and washing it up all the time. I would often hear him mumbling that he wants to buy honda snowblowers. I never understood what he meant by it. But I am really amazed at how they take good care of the new bike 😉

>No Splurging This Time

>When this time of the year is approaching, a lot of items are being put on sale in the department stores. Some offer huge discounts which attracts quite a handful of customers. I am not excluded, LOL!

But unlike the previous years where I would often hoard unnecessary items and in effect budget gets out of hand, this year is a lot more different. I only want one item before the year ends and that would be the mattresses.

YAY! I have been on the look out for one particular brand and I have actually waited for the big sale. I’d like to have a purchase of it come weekend.

See. I’ve changed. No splurging this time around 😉