Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Oh! those dreadful signs that belie one’s age. My time will arrive for that gruesome time we call old age wrinkles.

I know that there are expensive methods to rid wrinkles from the face but now there is this that is interesting and is a real saver wrinklelotion. And yet, it horrifies me that one day I will have to be looking at myself in the mirror and uttering, “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the most wrinkled of them all?”< Gosh! am I dreaming?

When Silence and Glumness Made Us Imagine The Worst

My cousin looked unhappy and she sat glum and silent in our hall. She hardly even smiled or spoke a word. Our family knew that there was something seriously amiss and our hushed whispers went as far as suggesting that perhaps she was pregnant and needed to talk about it.

My Mom nudged me to break her silence and talk to her to see what we could do to help her in any way that we could.

I asked her to join me in my bedroom and she surprisingly accepted the invite. It was then that I learned about her problem. She did not know how to get rid of pimple scars on her gentle face.

>We Now Live In The Age Of Information

>There are many ways to do it but what remains unanswered to a good many people is
how to colon cleanse.

There are those who have heard about the benefits of doing this cleansing periodically and they wish to take advantage of staying healthier and rejuvenated.

It should not be difficult in this Age of Information to get hold of how this can be done effortlessly. With all the food stuff that we consume and the deteriorating environment that we now live in, it make a whole lot of sense that our bodies too need to be regularly maintained by such healthy practice.

>Black Friday is In!

>With the fast approaching holiday season, we can’t help but find ourselves always on the look out for items up for sale. Notwithstanding the costs, December is the time for most Filipinos to acquire new good stuffs from bonuses and 13th months pays. I wonder if Black Friday is also a big hit here as it is in the US. It’s an opportunity to find great buys on all kinds of items.

Let me check that out now and see what can I have for myself for this year 😉

Sing That Song

One of the best purchases I had when I got employed was the karaoke machine. Coming from a family who really loves to sing, the appliance was important especially when the family were all dilly-dallying at home sweet home.

However, seasons change and what’s in now may not be in tomorrow. The advent of videoke evolved in the last couple of years and we saw ourselves upgrading our own entertainment showcase, too. We can only find enjoyment when we find ourselves singing to our fave songs whenever there are some special occasions to celebrate at home.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

As part of my personal program to keep my body fit as well as to keep it trim and in good shape, I have been doing my physical exercises at playing Badminton and workouts at the Gym.

I was explaining to my Badminton partner that there are times when I find it difficult to keep up with this routine as my Office work has become more time consuming.

“Did you ever hear about alli?”, was her reply. I was nonplussed as I have never heard of such a name. My immediate answer was, “What on earth is that?”.

She went on explaining to me what are its benefits and perhaps that could be a solution for me on days when I just cannot make it to either the Badminton Hall or to the Gym.

A Storm In A Teacup

There was a heated argument at the Office Cafeteria amongst some of our female staff. Although I would consider it as a petty issue, the girls involved thought it otherwise.

There was a heated exchange of which diet pills work. Yes, and you guessed it right. Those who were involved in that heated argument were fat by any account.

Anyone who looked at them could quickly understand why the issue had such importance for these fat females. However, in their physical state, none of them could prove anything better than the other. Some of us looked on and giggled.

Starting A Business Needs Business Acumen

It is a generally accepted belief that for any one venturing into business, it is not without difficulties and failures too. Most of this regrettable result is due to inadequate experience and the lack of proper planning.

In the case of one of my friends, his newly set up business seemed ready to start well except that he ran into serious problems trying to get WireBind machine that is needed for his final product.

Fortunately for him, his father has the right connections in the business world and that saved my friend from incurring greater financial loss. His father managed to have one of his old friends to loan a machine.

>In Search Of Employment

>During periods of Economic downturns, job vacancies become scarce. This affects those who are in employ and have been retrenched by their employer as well as those who have finished their studies and are in search for employment.

As it is no surprise, a sustained Economic crisis affects all businesses and private enterprise. Medical students who pay hefty sums for their tertiary studies are hard pressed to repay their Study Loans. They need to have immediate employment soon after their graduation to be able to settle their Study Loans.

The more initiative Medical students found their solutions by doing a medical job search and were rewarded for their efforts.

>Dress Code

>There was a time it made a statement when an Invitation Card explicitly mentioned the Dress Code. For some, it meant running off to shop for the required item or apparel.

In the present times, this kind of protocol is expected mostly in gatherings of the tight upper lip class and at very formal occasions.

My male cousin hurriedly visited our home and he held an Invitation Card that stated bow ties Dress Code. He was taken aback by this requirement and wanted my brothers to lend him one if they had one or to help him find one if they did not have any.

Later I learned that it was for a celebration held at his High School on their Annual Prize Giving Day. My cousin was one of several high achievers in his Math Examination Papers.