>My Eyes Hurt At Night

>Mine is an average income family. We faced difficult times when our dearest father passed away and Mom has to be the sole breadwinner until I came of age to be employed.

As such our small humble house for a long time was furnished with the bare minimum and that also meant the number of electric fittings. It helped to keep our Energy bills at a minimum.

On the other hand, the poor lighting in our house has had a detrimental effect on my vision. Soon I had to get corrective eye glasses. As we gradually improved our livelihood, one of the first improvements that we made to our house interior was with the lighting in all our rooms.

Having made improvements to the lighting in our house, my eyes do not tire as quick as before.

When Told That It Is Safe

It has become increasingly difficult in this time and Age to know when safe is really safe when it deals with our well being.

I have come across reports in the Media when several well intentioned women ended up scarred for life after a beauty treatment course. Piteously, these victims were butchered by their beautician who boasted publicly about their solutions and skill.

Now, that explains why there are a few who know and understand the mindset of most women and they explicitly remove women’s initial fears by proclaiming that what they offer are safe fat burners.

>What To Do In Uncertain Times

>Ever since the Wall Street Meltdown, as with any other Economic downturn, precious metals have gained tremendous value. In this regard, gold has always been turned into a alternative solution to buffer the vagaries for the value of paper money.

As it has been noted, the price of gold shot up and there was a market frenzy as to what would be the upper limits for this precious metal with the forces that drive the free market.

Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of wealth to protect but if I did, I would surely take full advantage of delving right into gold bullion as a safety cache for my personal wealth.

>A Forgotten Era Of Games

>At the turn of the last century, it marked the Age of the lost innocence of children games. The present generation of kids can hardly relate to the kind of games that their parents used to play when they were kids.

Gone are the simple pleasures and even the knowledge in playing police and thief, hide and seek, hop scotch, marbles and flying kites during the windy season.

Today, it is all Electronic. Children games are either energized by batteries or by electricity. Hand held, mobile or stationery indoors at home.

Take for example the strides that the xbox games has made with their offering of electronic games. Simply amazing.

The Nightly Routine

It is an endurance test trying to keep the face free from excessive oil that oozes from the sebaceous glands. I have watched my mom do her facial routine every night before she tucks into bed. She has special Ph balanced soap and liquid cleansers to get rid of the grime that clogs the skin pores. And finally she massages her face with a cream that helps to soften her skin and prevent wrinkles.

Like I started off saying, it is a real test of endurance to repeat that discipline night after night.

Mom would explain to me that it also helps her to keep the blackheads on nose in check. Blackheads? as a young girl I wondered what she meant.

What Is It With Freaks?

I know about a popular TV Show called “MindFreak” which is about an illusionist extraordinaire. Then back in the 70’s “freak out” was a popular catch phrase. Or worse still if one was called a freak.

But this is about health freaks. Those who have an insatiable need to develop every part of their body to perfection. One such health freak is my neighbor’s son.

The other day, I noticed that he made a drink for himself and no one else in the family. That is unusual for Filipino culture, generally speaking. Out of curiosity I asked him what was special about the drink that he made only for himself.

It was then that I learned that he consumes the best protein powder as part of his body building program.

And yes, he does have a fine muscular body too.

Reviews Do Help Understanding

The word has been out now for some time about the amazing speedy results with Lipofuze to lose ungainly body weight. But being in a distant location from the City, I get to know about such new solutions only through the Media or from the occasional visit from friends who return from abroad.

Just recently an avid Internet user pointed out to me where I could learn more from lipofuze reviews. That was really helpful as it helped me to understand what it can do and in good perspective.

Now I have one more solution added to staying in shape.

>Santa Claus Never Faced This Choice

>Typically we all know the tradition about Santa Claus. That affable bearded old man who steals into our homes at the break of midnight on Christmas Day and leaves gifts for the household children.

It is to the advantage of the children that Santa Claus has not yet left for them
christmas gift packs.

But then again, who is Santa Claus? It does make sense to do gifts in packs as it adds a classy touch for the gift. Besides there are several variations to these packs if one is really looking for something different.

Dress Code For A Sport

My friend has her eldest daughter into Equestrian sport. Honestly, the first time that she mentioned “Equestrian” to me, I pretended that I knew what it meant.

As she went on further to explain that she had to pay quite an amount for her equestrian clothing. I had to give her that honest “I don’t quite understand” facial demeanor.

Fortunate for me, she did not laugh at my ignorance and explained what that sport is all about.

Indeed, it appears to me to be a very prim and proper dress code for that sport. Lucky horses I might add too.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I once lived with my Aunt whom I soon found to be fastidious about her looks. Especially at night which made me wonder why she took all that trouble to treat her face with an arsenal of beauty creams.

She worked at a Laboratory and was often back home late at night. She would apply and massage in a circular motion, a cream around her eyes just before she went to bed. I would sit and watch her go through all her routines each night because I slept together with her on the same bed.

As she massaged the skin around her eyes, she would remark to me that whatever she was using is the best eye cream for dark circles.

Now that I recall this, I never heard her talk to her mirror and ask, Who is the prettiest of all? I guess not because I was there and the mirror might say it is me. LOL!