>Closet Clean- Up

>I love to dress up. I love to be trendy and different. Shopping for various clothing apparels whenever I get the chance is one of the best things that I love to do. I am an impulsive buyer though. My mother never stopped ranting and raving about the overflowing clothes in my closet, LOL!

Just a week ago, I took time to clean up my closet and guess how many big boxes I’ve got for garage sale?

There were two BIG boxes. And those clothes included my tops, jeans, shorts, dresses, slacks, etc. which are not worn out at all.

It is now all up for sale. Hurry while supplies last 😉

Bigger closet space  now for the new ones, LOL!

Newly Acquired Stripes Tankini Boyleg Red Two Piece


Summer is never over in the Philippines. Being a tropical country, the beach is always the destination of most people. I am not a beach bum myself but I love purchasing stuffs that I don’t really wear, LOL! I love looking at them though, hehe!

The item above was purchased at eBay at a very reasonable price. I still haven’t got the chance to wear it though :-)

Fashion Drawings and Designing Own Dress

Interestingly, fashion drawings or sketches are the first images of a designer’s creative mind at work. A simple figure and lines drawn to clothe it forms the initial prototype what is is later to develop painstakingly on a mannequin.

I know of a few students while at High School who were gifted in drawing sketches of what they wanted to be their dress for their special occasions. They would then scour the town for the fabrics they wanted and head to their seamstress with their drawings.

After some time explaining some of the finer details of their designs, the dress that they envisioned would be completed by the seamstress. With a few more visits for minor adjustments to the almost complete dress, my friends could be seen, proudly wearing the dress that they designed.

I am not that gifted with drawings and have to settle for the ready made dresses that are offered for sale, like the ones at E-Bay. LOL!

>Have You Ever Heard Of Fitness Fashion?

>If I am not incorrect, Fitness Fashion began when people in Sports began to pose in sports clothes. For example, the athlete’s track suit was introduced with matching bottoms. From then on it was the front zip boiler suits and stretchable materials which added a touch of sexiness.

That was decades ago in the Sixties and it spawned a whole new refreshing outlook to sportswear and a new fashion emerged.

Science has added more to the range of Fitness Fashion with the introduction of material that would provide the wearer better advantage over the elements.

Expedition gear and breathable fabrics made huge advances. We saw the advent of water resistant windproof outer garments.  Membrane laminated to other fabrics such as polyester or nylon to suit a manufacturer’s end use for breathable clothing.

In addition the fitness craze of the Eighties brought new introductions for aerobic workouts, squash and those who did their physical workouts at Gymnasiums.

Culminating the explosion of Fitness Fashion, there was the arrival of the shell suit. It is a lightweight front zippered nylon jogging top matched with loose bottom trousers cuff gathered and with an elasticated waist. 

>The Tights Revolution

>Does anyone recall Mary Quant today? I guess not. That’s way back in the Sixties. With Mary Quant’s introduction of the Mini Skirt, there came along a Pantyhose boom to save woman’s legs from turning blue in the cold.

The seamless pantyhose stocking started the tights revolution. It is an accepted truth that tights and pantyhose went together like a horse and carriage. No woman went bare legged without wearing a pantyhose.

Pantyhose was such a hit that even in the hot and humid tropics, it was a rave and a must have for women. The other unmentioned fact is that the Pantyhose was a great way to hide a pair of unsightly hair on a woman’s leg.

>I Like Mini Skirts

>Mini skirts have an added appeal for me. Now, let’s be frank about it, who does not like to be watched? Exactly. And being a woman, it is surely uplifting to know that being in a mini skirt is sending waves of blood rushing up the brains of many a man.

Of course, it takes some spunk to wear a mini skirt with nonchalance, knowing full well that there are eyes ogling from every corner in the space that one walks or sits. More so if one has a pretty pair of legs to add to the mini skirt, why not flaunt my natural assets too?

And it takes a certain amount of skill to have the countenance of Mother Teresa while being oblivious to what my mini skirt is doing to the brains and blood pressure of the males who catch sight of me.

Hey Guys! it’s Mini Skirts that I like and not MICRO Mini Skirts. So don’t get me wrong.

>What Presents To Give For Occasions?

>This is a recurrent dilemma for most – what present to give for an occasion? We usually end up jotting it down on our next shopping list and even then, we still are not sure what item it shall be.

The Chinese have an easy solution for that problem. They give cash as a gift and it usually makes a lot of sense. Why buy something that might end up as a duplicate of someone else’s present or worse still, end up as a an item that the celebrant might not take a liking to. A cash gift leaves the option open to the celebrant to use the money to get what (s)he would really want.

Then there is also a more personal touch that can be added when thinking of giving a present. When was the last time that we saw a Greeting Card that was artistically created by the giver. Or it could even be a cake baked at home or a handcrafted decor item. There are more ideas that is possible with this personalized gift if one is resourceful.

Unfortunately it is the stereotyped attitude in these times when it comes to giving presents for an occasion because money can buy anything indeed; so why bother more?

>Best Buys at Ukay- Ukay


Have you ever gone to an Ukay-Ukay Store, Baratillo or whatever you may want to call it? Ukay-ukay is a store with various display of surplus items from shoes to bags to tops, bottoms, and even underwear! I was thrilled to my bones today with what I’ve got from the flea market we have here in the city. Five pairs of shoes amounting to only 100 pesos each! And these shoes looked so new and durable! I couldn’t ever afford the amount of these pairs of shoes in the mall. I think I’ve got the best buy of my life! I have been looking for new pairs of shoes lately and this came rather timely.

I remember I used to go to the flea market where they showcase various displays of items. The flea market is located just a few meters away from my work place and we used to sneake out each time just to see what could possibly be up for grabs, hehe. 

>Income on the Side for Me


I love to dress up. For a government employee like me, I need to be decent and wear that casual and formal clothes at work. No plunging necklines, no wearing of sleeveless, shorts and tight-fitting jeans that would bare your soul to the world. I need to look prim and proper. But I would love to wear clothes where I can be sexy in so many ways without looking too daring. These clothes I could also get to wear at church whenever we have our worship services every Thursdays and Sundays. Double purpose, hehe!
With today’s modern fashion sense, lots of trendy apparels are available at the malls and in the boutiques but the prices are too expensive I just can not afford. I have other things that needs to be prioritized like the daily basic essentials. But I do not want to go working looking like an old-fashioned gal and worse, look like a pauper!
Good thing I have found an alternative. I still could purchase the best trendy clothings available. Ukay- Ukay or recycled clothings and garage sale stores are absolutely sure hit for an ordinary employee like me. These stores are in business to dispose excess clothings. This got me thinking. If I purchase by bulk, I wanna invest in retailing these apparels to my friends, purchasing the items at a very low amount and selling them below the wholesale cost. That’s gonna be income on the side for me. Ain’t right?

>Fashion Wear Must Complement

>There are unspoken “rules” when it deals with Fashion Wear. This aspect about Fashion Wear is rarely heard but it is the preoccupation of the silent gazers. Generally, people tend to be somewhat critical about what others wear, do or say. It is a common human trait all over the world.

Take this scenario. A Company Executive reports for work on his first day and not only does he wear an outmoded necktie, he also does not know how to properly make the tie knot look the way it ought to be. Then guess what becomes of him at the pantry talk or at the Cafeteria? Yes, he is quickly described as being a nerd.

The same applies for women who wear clothes that are not in sync with their personality. And that too becomes another gossip piece where ever she is present.

Ironically, this mentality has spread amongst school going children. The school bullies are first to latch on as they have found a new victim to rag.

Mention the name of the designer’s piece that you are wearing and you’d probably be given stares of disbelief and receive a once-over scrutiny for proof.

As they say it, “life is a bitch” and it is not often that fashion wear and the money that you earnestly saved for that piece will be met with praise and words of distinction about your good sense of choice and enhanced beauty.