>Get Your Skin Bare-Worthy!


If you have been planning of a beach trip but is very anxious of your skin and couldn’t dare to bare a little skin wearing that skimpy bikini of yours, well, fret no more as I will be giving you some tips that I think will be very helpful.

First off, start by exfoliating your skin once or twice a week with a body scrub or hand gloves. I bought a new pair yesterday and it’s making me feel so good, so great!

The nice thing here is we can make or blend our own by mixing one half cup of brown sugar with five tablespoons of olive oil or extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Now start moisturizing your skin with a clearing moisturizer to reduce blemishes, dry marks , dark spots, and fine lines. Do this method twice a day, especially after taking a shower, when your skin is perfectly cleansed and ready to absorb lipids.

Go back here for the results and update me with your dare-to-bare experience!

>Eyebrow Graft is Worth ₤ 2, 350


We have all heard of the adage “The eye is the window of the soul…” It has been a cliche that all of us never forgets. But have you imagined looking at yourself in the mirror minus the eyebrows? Well, I can think of myself looking like an alien without the brows, hahaha!

Many of us have gone plucking crazy with tweezers. And what a big ouuch it has always been! And guess what? If we keep on plucking our brows, our hair follicles die. And here’s more. Fuller brows are the trend these days and not the thinner ones. Stop those plucking activities now and restore the beauty of our brows by undergoing eyebrow graft/ transplants.

The eyebrow graft costs ₤ 2, 350 or $ 3, 478 or 172, 960 in Philippine money.

How is the procedure done? “It involves the cutting of a strip of hair from the back of the head under local anaesthetic, cutting out the follicular units and grafting the hairs into the eyebrows. The full benefits can be seen after six months but patients must be prepared to swap their tweezers for scissors- as the transplanted hair grows longer than brow hair, and needs regular trimming…”

Would you be willing to spend P 172, 960 for eyebrow graft? Need anymroe convincing? Look at the photo below:

NOTE: I would like to acknowledge the effort of my friend Polly of Random Ramblings for scanning the mag clips and sending them to me for the benefit of this blog. I owe you big time, Polly my friend!



D o you love wearing low rise jeans but have these bumps and zits on your bum that extends to your lower back? Fret not and smile for here are some simple ways to get rid of them:
  1. Pick a body wash that contains salicylic acid to help exfoliate your skin all over and clarify your backside.
  2. Sebum perspiration and dirt can build up to breakouts so make sure to cleanse and rinse thoroughly.
  3. If you don’t have any sore blemishes, use a loofah or shower gloves to immediately exfoliate any dead skin cells and grime on the spot.
  4. After showering, moisturize your body with a lotion or cream that also contains salicylic acid, to keep skin exfoliating throughout the day.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan December 2002 Vol. 6 No. 12

>Know Your Eaus

>Do you know the difference between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum?

Its literal translation from French is “toilet water”.


Typically 5-10% in water and alcohol.


A few light spritzes should do you good.


About 2 hours.


Its literal translation from French is “perfume water”.
Typically 10-15% in water and alcohol.
Because of the concentration of oils, walking into one mist is enough.
About 3-4 hours.

>What Do I Wear When I Vacation In Malaysia

>This is one topic that beguiles every woman traveler. What clothes do I bring? What do I wear? How would I look?  and so on and so forth. I am scheduled to make my vacation trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in two weeks from now.

I know I cannot carry my entire closet of clothes with me just for the short vacation. But Kuala Lumpur I was made to understand is a very modern city. As such, I would expect that the Malaysian women are really well dressed, especially in the city.

Where I come from in the Philippines, I cannot say it is like how it is in Manila. However, Filipinas are very self conscious about beauty. It is an inbred personality amongst us.

I will have to ask a few more friends who either live in Malaysia or Filipinas who have been there before. Wait till I am back from vacation and I shall write more about this.

Learn the Base-ics

Pampering ourselves at times is very important. More so the caring of our delicate skin. Here is more tips in the basics on how to make our skin glowy and radiant.

Blemished Skin?
Stipple on a cream foundation for more coverage, preferably armed with SPF to prevent further damage from sun exposure- and lock it with powder on top.

Oily Skin?
Pat on a long lasting foundation powder that stays true and protects from the sun. Blot before touching up so you don’t get that icky sebum-make up paste

A must- use a concealer to cover up undereye circles for a brighter face.

>Another Blog in the Offing


Welcome to my fourth blog!

My heart is jumping in jubilation because this blog came into form with the help of my very good friend Uncle Che of AZ Blogging. If not for him, this blog will just be a flicker of my own imagination ;-).

I have always wanted to create subdomains for my blogs because that’s what my little bro Joliber promised me when he helped me out in the purchase of my domains. He told me if I am ready to set up my subdomains, I will just have to let him know. When I was ready, he was nowhere to be found, haha! He is a very busy person and it’s hard to track him down. Good thing Uncle Che is there. He did all the technical stuffs. Though he was having problems with his internet connection, he was able to put up with the trouble of setting this blog up.

When Uncle Che did the set up of this blog, I haven’t thought of anything concrete as of yet as to what niche this blog I want to belong. But this morning, I woke up with a firm conceptualization of what I wanted this blog to become- a fashion blog, thus the title CERTIFIED FASHIONABLE CHIC. Ivy helped me out in the conception of my blog’s name. Thanks again, Ivs!

This blog shall be a niche for glamoruous gals like me who wants to know the latest trends and craze in fashion, apparels, some beauty tips, and a whole lot more that would especially talk about how a girl wants to be trendy and glamorous.

I am a little apprehensive though I wouldn’t be able to update this blog more frequently but I will try my very, very best.